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Coil Slitting Line

Steel Strip Cutting Machine Slitting Line

Kingreal‘s steel cutting and slitting line equipment represents long service life and consistent efficiency.
Our press feed lines, cut-to-length lines and coil lines for roll forming machines ensure reliable material processing.

  • Automatic steel coil high-speed slitting machine, mainly used for metal coil slitting, such as cold and hot rolled strip, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, galvanized, etc..
    The slitting processing line is widely used in metal sheet processing industry such as automobile, agricultural vehicle, container, home appliance, building materials, etc.
    Steel strip slitting and longitudinal shearing unit is composed of uncoiling (unwinding), lead positioning, slitting and longitudinal shearing, coiling (winding), etc.


    Work Process of Steel Slitting Line Machine:

    1. Coil Car Loading: Store the rolls on storage racks with a crane, and manually tighten the rolls on the uncoiler reel with a loading trolley.

    2. Decoiler: It takes hydraulic oil cylinder rotating joint to get the expansion of the coiling drum.


    3. Pinch Roll: coil entry holding down and lifting up, for feeding the material and make rough leveling for better slitting.


    4. Crop Shear: coil entry cutting.

    5. Pit Loop (bridge table 1): It is used for better working for side guide device and also removes the running speed difference.


    6. Slitter Machine: High precision slitting width tolerance and straightness.


    7. Scarp Winder: Vertical type scrap recoiler for more convenient working.


    8. Pit Loop (bridge table 2): Provide sufficient buffer space.


    9. Tension Table: pre-separator and tension, so that for easy recoiling and better performance.

    10. Recoiler: Hydraulic type with separators in the top, and pushing device for easy unloading.


    11. Coil Car: unloading, to hold the finished strips.

    Features of this machine
    1. Automatic cutting and forming of pre-set quantity of any length
    2. Signal feedback from encoder shows the length of the product
    3. The control panel can calculate the total length of the finished rolls
    4. The rolls are made of alloy steel by precision machine and plated with hard chrome.
    5. The cutting dies are SKD11 steel, made by CNC machine, heat treated to 55-60 HRC.

    Some FAQs
    1. What is coil processing?

    Coil processing is the transformation of steel coils into various shapes and sizes. Common coil processing techniques include cut-to-length, slitting, shape standardization, stretching/straightening, and edge sealing. Different coil lines will achieve different results and end products, so it is important to know what process you want to accomplish when selecting a coil line. This page is a slitting line for the steel coil category.

    More information about
    slitting line, you can click here.

    2. What is our advantages?
    With more than 25 years experience in manufacturing the machines and we are a manufacturer. So we can provide the strong and powerful service before and after sales.

    3. How to visit your company?
    Our factory is located in Foshan city, Guangdong Province. So there are two ways to our city. One is by flight, direct toFoshan or Guangzhou Airport. Another is by train, direct to Foshan or Guangzhou station. We will pick you up at the station or airport.

    4. What information do you have to provide for us to prepare a quote?
    (1) Thickness of the coil (min-max)?
    (2) Coil width (min-max)?
    (3) What is your steel material?
    (4) Coil weight (max)?
    (5) How many pieces of maximum thickness do you need to slit?
    (6) How many tons do you need per day or per month?

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