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Sheet Metal Cut to Length Line

The cut-to-length line is used to remove the flat plate from the coil after 7-8 passes.
The bus is CNC controlled.

  • The cut-to-length line is used to remove the flat plate from the coil after 7-8 passes.
    The bus is CNC controlled.

    After the operator places the coil in the loading cart, the following procedure will be completed automatically.
    The touch screen in the control table will allow the operator to enter the required parameters.
    The whole line is easy to operate.

    Such a production line usually contains the following work programs.
    1. Unloading car (optional)
    2. uncoiling
    3. shoveling and pressing device
    4. preview
    5. grass cutting
    6. Loop
    7. Corrective slitting
    8. Loop
    9. Separator
    10. damping
    11. rewind
    12. Unloading

    The automatic length setting production line is high speed and precise with uncoiling, straightening, measuring, cross-cutting length setting and stacking workstations.
    The machine consists of coil car, auxiliary stand, uncoiler, peeling device, leveler, coil guide, encoder scale, shear, conveying table, stacker, output trolley, hydraulic system, etc. The whole line is controlled by PLC with computer display.
    The line has a high degree of automation, good straightening effect, accurate cutting, high production efficiency, reliable performance and easy operation and maintenance.

    Main features of the slitting line.
    1. Fast speed and stable effect 
    2. Suitable for mass production
    3. Specialized in aluminum strip industry

    1. Can you produce the shearing line according to our specific requirements?
    Yes, we are a professional manufacturer of automatic plate shearing machine.
    With 20 years experience, we have a strong design and technical team, and we can design and manufacture according to your requirements.

    2. How to get an accurate quotation?
    Please provide us with detailed requirements, such as coil weight, material, width, processing accuracy, etc.

    3. What is the order quantity and guarantee... ... 
    Minimum order quantity: 1 set.
    Warranty: 12 months after normal operation of the equipment.

    4. How much is your machine?
    Sorry, we can‘t answer this question until we know your exact needs and re-quote.
    For example, if you ask: "How much does an Apple phone cost?" It is impossible for any salesperson to answer. Basically, we have to tell them the exact model X/11/12/13 or pro/max, 128G/256G/512G, etc.

    5. How can I know the design and recommendations of the machine line?
    In general, we need to know.
    1) Machine type: slitting line or fixed length cutting line (normal CTL or flying CTL)
    2) Raw material information: e.g. thickness/width/main roll weight/coil ID/coil OD
    3) End product information: such as cut number (thinnest and thickest) / minimum strip width / accuracy and tolerance / exit coil ID
    Such as target cut length, length tolerance, diagonal tolerance, etc.
    4) Line speed: normal type or high speed type
    5) Line type: normal or compact design (e.g., single or double loop for the same function)
    6) Electrical system. Mainland China/Taiwan/Japan/European brands
    7) Optional features: such as paper collector/coater/shredder/digital display/special loading/unloading design, etc.

    6. How long will you issue the proposal and quotation?
    After collecting all the necessary information details mentioned above, we will need about 3~7 days to design a proposal.

    7. When will you tell me the price?
    After confirming all the detailed configuration of the machine line, we will be able to quote for it.

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