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Brief introduction of Cut To The Length

Definition of cut to length:

When a high pressure tool is applied through a sheet of metal and part of the metal is removed, the process is called shearing. Shearing equipment includes punches for the manufacture of small discs and blanking machines for the production of washers and similar objects.

Shearing is a method of cutting a block of material into smaller pieces using a shearing knife to force the material through the opposing shearing knife in a progressive manner.


Shearing is widely used to separate large flat materials such as sheets, strips and sheets. Shearing of sheets, strips and plates is broadly classified into straight or rotary knives depending on the type of blade (knife or knife).

1. Straight knife shear is used to cut flat material flat and cut into desired shape and size. It is commonly used to produce square and rectangular shapes, although triangles and other straight-sided shapes are also cut with straight knives.

2. Direct tool ordinary processing is different from shearing processing. With standard tooling, a piece of metal can be removed from a sheet and/or block using single-point or multi-point tooling. This process requires repeated tapping of the metal until the desired size is achieved.

With shearing, the cutting edge of the tool removes metal from the plate. When this happens, maximum pressure will be applied. However, the tool only touches the metal once.


Shearing process of features include:

It is capable  of straight cutting on flat raw material, metal placement between upper and lower shear blades;

Its trademark produces metal edges with burrs and slight deformation;

It is capable of cutting relatively small lengths of material at any time because the shear blades can be mounted at an angle to reduce the necessary shear force required.


The shearing process involves cutting into individual pieces by subjecting metal sheets, as well as plates, rods, and tubes of various cross-sections, to individual pieces, typically using punches and dies, similar to the action of paper punches. The punch and die can be of any shape, such as a round or straight blade, similar to a pair of scissors.

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