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Cut To The Length Line FAQ

1. How much material do I need to use to consider internal cutting

If you are handing more than 5 million pounds. Steel or 3 million pounds. Aluminum is a candidate for internal blanking lines. And if youre dealing with a variety of size of non-standard sizes(other than 4*8,5*10,or 6*12 feet), the interior trim becomes even more appealing. Buying your own coil can save you about 0.03 to 0.8 cents/lb compared to sheet.


We have a tight footprint, so where should we put the machines and coils?

KINGREAL cut-to-length lines can typically be installed in footprints ranging from 500 to 4500 square feet. This means that the space currently dedicated to blanking lines and coils.

And in some cases, the ROI may justify adding a cubicle to accommodate a line.


3. How complicated is it to run a CTL line?

Not complicated at all. In KINGREALs case, our system has user-friendly controls and software that does most of the work, logically guiding the operator through the setup process and storing recipes for different blank types.

Additionally, the KINGREAL service team works with the company to ensure your employees are fully trained for successful equipment performance.

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