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How to solve the error problem of NC servo feeder?

Feeding errors are not allowed, these can be checked to see if there is a problem.

1. If the pressure is unstable, you can check it carefully.

2. The NC servo feeder is too fast.

Generally speaking, the NC feeder is up to 150-200 times per minute. If it beats too much, the feeder cant keep up, and it is easy to not allow feeding.

3. Is there a problem with the mold. You can try banging the product to see if there is a problem with the mold.

4. Check for air leaks in the feeder (depending on pneumatic or mechanical slack).

5. Whether the relaxation is not good enough, that is, whether the press punch cam and the feeder are synchronized. If you cant relax, try adjusting the press CAM or feeder box.

6. Whether the material is too oily, it is easy to cause slippage.


The NC feeder is controlled by PLC to punch the coil material according to the set feeding length and feeding time. Compared with manual feeding, the feeding accuracy and feeding speed are higher and safer.

However, there will be some small problems in the feeding process of the NC feeder:

The length of the feeder is different, what measures should we take to solve these problems?


1. There are foreign objects or oil stains on the surface of the feeding roller of the NC feeder, resulting in different feeding lengths. In the actual production process, oil pollution and waste entering the drum will affect the clamping and feeding of the drum, so it is often necessary to clean and maintain the feeder in daily work.

2. The adjustment of the running speed of the NC feeder causes the feeding length to fail to keep up with the punching machine, resulting in a conflict between the processing time of the punching machine and the feeding time, resulting in inconsistent feeding length of the feeder.


3. The pressure adjustment of feeding roller is too small, resulting insufficient feeding pressure, or the material slips during the conveying process and the feeding is not in place. If the pressure of the NC feeder is small, the clamping feed will slip, and the short feed will occur.


4. The pressure of the external air source of the NC feeder is unstable, which leads to the instability of the electric drive system, which leads to delayed feeding. The NC feeder needs to use the cylinder to push the drum to complete simple actions. If the source of air pressure is unstable, such as producing enough pressure, should be closed immediately.


5. The clearance of the synchronous pulley driven by the servo motor is too large, and the power output is poor. 

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