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Reasons for the deviation of CNC servo feeder

The material eccentricity of the CNC servo feeder refers to the phenomenon that the material belt to be conveyed is inclined to the edge, the feeding is not accurate, and the mold error is caused. In order to avoid mold damage or improper production, it needs to be solved in time.


Reasons for the deviation of CNC servo feeder:

One is the material bias caused by uneven pressure adjustment on the left and right of the pressure spring. The solution is simple, just adjust the pressure on both sides of the spring according to the thickness of the material.

Another is material. The supply process has slumped. This should be resolved gradually.


The CNC servo feeder is biased. In feed processing, the decrease in material thickness is the main reason for the decrease in material thickness.


Now, you have to solve the following three steps:

1. Depress the spring to fully compress the material. When adjusting the compression spring, check that the spring color is yellow or green. Make sure the material thickness is within the working range of the machine to provide thrust and attach the rollers.

2. Make sure that the inlet pipeline of the CNC servo feeder is connected correctly. If connected, connect the other air line to the solenoid valve. The slack can be achieved by connecting one air pipe, but if the material is too thick, another air pipe needs to be connected to the cylinder can be fixed firmly without slippage.

3. Thick material, heavy weight and slippage are caused by the tension problem after opening, but the waiting room must be minimized to ensure the feeding speed.

The tensile load behind the mouth is reduced and the sliding problem is solved.When working with thick materials, it often occurs that the background is created by the heavy material.

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