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The reason for the failure of the center point of the punch

Center point failures are more likely to occur if the punch is not properly maintained during use and has not been cleaned for a long time.

This affects the life and performance of the punch press.

In order to improve the problem, we must first understand the main reasons for the failure of the center point of the punch:


1. Rust and scaling of the punch tank

Rust and scale can reduce heat dissipation, cause ideas to overheat and even damage them.

Using a strong tank cleaner and cleaning the tank regularly to remove rust and scale from it will not only keep the engine running properly, but it will extend the overall life of the open punch tank.


2. The fuel system of the press is not properly maintained

Maintenance of the fuel system includes replacing the gasoline filter element, cleaning the carburetor or fuel nozzles, and fuel supply lines.


When fuel is supplied to the combustion chamber through the fuel path, colloids and coke are inevitably formed, which deposit in the fuel passages, carburetors, fuel nozzles and combustion chamber, which interfere with the activity of the combustion chamber.

Cleaning your fuel system with a fuel system cleaner will always keep your ideas in better shape.


3. Too much sludge in the crankcase of the punching machine

During operation, oxides such as high-pressure unburden gases in the combustion chamber enter the crankcase through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall, and due to the wear of the parts, metal powders are mixed together to form sludge.

When the amount of sludge is large, it will separate from the oil, clogging the filter and oil holes, causing engine lubrication problems and increasing wear.

In severe cases, the piston rings can get stuck and the cylinder can be pulled.


After understanding the reasons for the failure of the center point of the punch, we need to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance of the punch, and arrange personnel to clean it regularly to prevent the center failure of the press and prolong its service life to help improve factory productivity.

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