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What is Cut To The Length Line?

The cut-to-length CTL coil line processes metal coils by uncoiling, straightening, shearing to length and stacking sheet metal. These lines offer automation, ensuring accurate feeding, shearing and flattening for a variety of industries.


Introducing these lines into your manufacturing operations can eliminate blank machining expenses and help you gain a competitive advantage by controlling your inventory and production schedules with your own blanking coil line. Internal CTL functionality gives you the flexibility to run blanks of the required size when needed.


Cut-to-length line are configured from KINGREAL performance-proven standard feeders, straighteners and reels, coupled with shearing and stacking solutions to provide a complete integrated blanking coil line, which are sized to suit your specific needs.

Whether youre a general manufacturer, OEM or stamper, KINGREAL cut-to-length line can meet your specific needs. You get a proven design, attention to detail, backed by a service advantage.

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