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Slitting machine structure type

The equipment composition of the slitting machine line generally includes: -Uncoiler

-Guide device

-Uncoiler tension device

-Cutting head shear

- Feeding table


-Disc shear

- Guide roller

-Machine row

-Transfer roller

-Inlet clamping device

-Constant tension coiler

- Edge shredder

- Scrap car

- rewind

The slitting machine row generally has the following forms:


1. Single-entry loop slitting

This type of slitting sets the loop in front of the shears. There are central drive uncoiling, tension uncoiling method for feeding the strip to the entrance loop. This method can realize micro-tension or zero-tension shearing, and avoid the slippage of the shearing blade. At the same time, the uncoiler can not need the centering device, and realize the strip centering in the loop.


2. Single exit loop slitting

This type of slitting has a loop behind the shearing machine, and the sheared strip is pushed by the shearing machine into a tension-free loop located between the shearing machine and the tension device. For thin strips, an entry stable unwinding of the coil during shearing.


This method can effectively avoid the problem of asynchronous coiling of each strip caused by the difference in thickness, and realize the coiling of the strip by controlling the coiling tension. Due to the setting of the outlet loop, the strip can freely flow out of the cutting edge, avoiding the tension in the tension.


The wear of the strip on the cutting edge in the state affects the life of the cutting edge. At the same time, because there is no tension at the outlet, the phenomenon of trip necking is avoided. Single export loop are used more.


3. Double loop slitting

Double loop slitting combines the two forms of inlet loop slitting and outlet loop slitting. After leaving the coiler, the strip is fed into a free loop by an uncoiler or a pinch roller device or a tension device. The cut strip leaves the shearing machine and is sent to another, loop before entering the tension.

Therefore, this slitting method is calleddouble loop slitting. With this form of slitting, the slitting machine is only used to split the strip, thus eliminating the possibility of the strip slipping on the cutting edge of the characteristics of the single-entry loop and the single-outlet loop, and is suitable for cutting thin and soft strips.


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