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What is Mini Coil Slitting ?

What is Mini Coil Slitting ?


Coil Slitting Line

Coil slitting line is used to cut wider coils into narrower coil strips at a given size. KINGREAL can supply cost-effective coil slitting line with any characteristics upon customer request.

In general, in order to accurately cut wider coils, the size of the slitting machine production line is relatively large. The corresponding venue and cost will be expensive after all.

However, in order to meet customers with low requirements for accuracy and coil width, KINGREAL will also provide mini slitting machines to simplify the equipment requirements as much as possible on the premise of being able to perform slitting.


Mini slitter is mainly used to cut wide material into many narrow strips. Among them, the cutter shaft is made of Cr-Mo steel, which is precisely manufactured after repeated heat treatment, which can ensure the high precision of the cutting material to the greatest extent.

In addition, the front and rear ends of the mini slitting machine are equipment with roller devices to reduce the surface damage of materials. At the same time, it is equipped with a removable control panel for easy operation.


Next are the relevant features of the mini slitting machine:


1. Precise tool clearance

High-precision slitting line, the knife edge remains stable.


2. Install with bake-lite fingers

Use bake-lite fingers for easy installation and increased efficiency.


3. Mounting with PU peel ring

The use of peel rings can reduce surface damage that occurs during slitting.


4. Rewinding with a reel

6mm wide recoil nickel alloy strip material tray.

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