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Coil Cut To Length Line Machine

The stainless steel coil cut to length line offered by KINGREAL will take a large stainless steel coil, flatten it and cut it into precise length sections, and finally stack the sheets into a bundle.


  • Machine Description:

    The cut-to-length process is a process in which coils are cut and flattened into flat sheets or sheets according to the thickness of stainless steel. Cut sizes vary and are customer specific, depending on the application.


    KINGREAL stainless steel coil cut to length line can be used for uncoiling, leveling, measuring, cross-cutting and palliating. Stainless steel CTL can guarantee accurate feeding and cutting.


    It can be widely used in cold-rolled or hot-rolled carbon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and other metal materials with various surface coatings. The fixed-length cutting line is controlled by CNC servo system.

    It has PLC controlled length measurement. In formation such as length, cutting times, and speed can be input into the PLC system.


    Process Flow:

    Rolling → Unwinding → Clamping, 2N1 precision leveling → Looping → Guiding → Length measurement → Shearing → Conveying → Stacking → Unloading of cut pieces → Packaging


    Machine Parts:

    1. Coiler

    2. 2N1 uncoiling and precision straightening machine

    3. Ring Bridge

    4. Side guide rollers

    5. Servo feeder

    6. Shearing machine

    7. Conveying table

    8. Stacking table

    9. Hydraulic system、pneumatic system、electrical system PLC control


    Reference Specifications:

    Raw material

    Stainless steel/galvanized steel/PPGI

    Thickness (mm)


    Width (mm)


    Inner diameter (mm)


    Outer diameter (mm)


    Roll weight (tons)


    Leveling accuracy (mm)

    ≤±0.5/m 2

    Cutting length (pcs)






    Straightening and leveling machine

    Six-fold precision leveling machine, straightening machine or leveling machine is an important part. It will affect the flatness of the final plate. High precision, good stability, its leveling rollers are made of roll steel with chrome plated surface. Good wear resistance and long service life.


    Flying shear head

    Adopt advanced flying shear head, high-speed double crank rotation continuous shear on the board tracking, using advanced German servo control system, rotary (upper and lower knife to shear) up and down drive blade precision on the board shear.


    Protective Film Lamination

    It has its own laminating machine, which can add and adjust the film for metal materials.



    The feeder transfers the cut sheets to the stacking machine via a conveyor belt.


    Chopping device

    Stacking and baling of processed sheets, while avoiding collisions and friction between sheets.


    Lifting roller discharge table

    The lifting table is paved with rollers and driven by motor to move the finished products onto the roller type preparation table, which is driven by hydraulic cylinder to rise and fall with automatic control device. The finished sheet is moved out through the roller table to facilitate the packing process.



    Six-roller leveling machine with double-sided lamination or paper lamination.

    Straighten rolls of sheet metal into flat sheets.


    Cut length lines from 400 mm to 1500 mm

    Width coil thicknesses from 4 mm to 25 mm, cutting lengths up to 12 m

    Coil weights up to 35 tons

    Operation: hydraulic power and pneumatic clutch

    Construction: made of EN-31 material, alloy steel rollers, hardened gears, etc.

    Control line: Automatic encoder reference line NC servo motor line.

    Control line encoder: PLC based

    Automatic stacker (optional)


    The mechanical properties and surface properties of stainless steel coil cut to length vary from factory to factory, but are always within ISO standards.

    Check and communicate to ensure the best source and supply consistency for your production process.

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