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2 IN 1 (Uncoiler-Straightener)

Combined Decoiler and Straightener

The decoiler and straightener reduces the material loop between the uncoiling and leveling processes, and saves the space of 3-5m in the stamping workshop. 

  •  Device Description:                                                                                                                               

    The decoiler and straightener reduces the material loop between the uncoiling and leveling processes, and saves the space of 3-5m in the stamping workshop. With remote control handle and automatic electrical system, it has excellent operation safety protection.

     Equipment Advantages:

    1) The combined structure ensures the synchronization between the uncoiler and the leveler.

    2) The leveling system adopts pneumatic upper roller pressing rod and loosening system, and hand wheel roll gap adjustment, so that the coil straightening performance is better than the traditional leveling machine.

    3) Using four-point handwheel precision fine-tuning device, suitable for precision processing products.

    4) The material rack and the straightening machine are combined into one, which does not occupy space and is small in size, which simplifies the feeding operation and reduces the production cost of supporting machinery.

    5) Suitable for all kinds of sheet metal feeding straightening machines, with good effect and many advantages.

    6) Suitable for all kinds of hardware, electronics, electrical appliances, toys, auto parts, continuous stamping processing, feeding correction, accurate and durable

    7) The rollers are chrome-plated, with high precision and very durable.

     Equipment Parts:


    The standard decoiler part is a non-motorized decoiler, which trusts the leveling part to pull the material.

    For thin coils, it has an electric uncoiling system and is equipped with a ring stand. For some sturdy materials, it is equipped with a coil pressing arm to process the coil.


    Part of the straightener is easy to open, which is convenient for regular maintenance. The roll gap is adjusted by the turbine shaft with handwheel. All l straightener rollers are made of high-quality GCr15 steel and have been specially treated to achieve precise and durable work. The pneumatic roller release system ensures precise coil feeding. The remote-control handle can be customized in multiple languages.

     Decoiler And Straightener Features:         

    l  Two-in-one frame straightening machine saves workshop space.

    l  The advanced worm gear screw jack device can easily adjust the feed line.

    l  Increase the straightening balance fine-tuning device, which is suitable for processing high-precision products.

    l  The rollers are made of solid bearing steel and are electroplated with complicated processing.  

     Technical Reference: 


    Material thickness [mm]


    Inner diameter of coil [mm]


    Coil outer diameter [mm]


    Leveling rollers [mm]

    57*7 (upper 3, lower 4), one set of front and rear pulling wheels 70

    Adjustment method


    Leveling speed [m/min]


    Material rack expansion method


    Induction method

    Induction rack type/photoelectric type

    Power supply voltage


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