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The Function of Straighten Machine

Straighten machine is used to strength uneven metal coils, sheets, through the straighten machine on and off the corrective roller extrusion so as to achieve the required flatness, the product has a flatness requirement or the thickness of the metal material is more than 2mm, it is necessary to use the material straighten machine for straightening to eliminate stress.

The structure of straighten machine is simple, and it is easy to operate, no need for complex installation and commissioning, connected to the power supply to adjust the corrective roller pressure can be produced, the straighten machine corrected out of the material surface smooth and flat without indentation, low failure rate of the equipment, long life, and simple maintenance. Kingreal straightener is suitable for straightening difference thicker metal sheets. The Steel Sheet Straightener has difference specifications, including 700mm, 1300mm, 1500mm, 1700mm and 2200mm, can meet your different production needs.

Straighten machine

The operation of straightener is completed by the feed rollers and straightening rollers, and the feed rollers need to be adjusted before the straightening adjustment to ensure that the material does not slip when passing through. When using the straightening machine, according to the material‘s own thickness, toughness (internal stress) to adjust the straightening adjusting handle, to ensure that the raw material to meet the requirements of the straightening degree. Adjustment should observe the straightening effect, if the effect is not good, it is necessary to increase the straightening roller under the degree of pressure, but special attention should be paid to the speed of the pressure down to be gentle, and the amount of pressure down should not be too large, otherwise it will lead to the material on both sides of the ripples, and leave the traces of the rollers, so when adjusting the adjustment needs to be careful many times repeatedly adjusted.

Enterprises can decide whether to configure a straightener according to their own requirements, and provide detailed parameters of the materials when purchasing. For example, when there are many types of materials and different sizes, a straightener with larger specifications can be purchased, so as to achieve one machine with multiple uses. The purpose is to save unnecessary expenses.

The straighten machine can be used together with KINGREAL‘s decoiler and feeder as a 3 in 1 production line to form a fully automated production line, which greatly improves production efficiency. One staff can oversee multiple production lines, saving a lot of time, manpower and material resources, and reducing expenses.

Straighten machine
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