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Types and Characteristics of Decoiler

The uncoiler can also be used as a rewinder and is suitable for continuous stamping processing of various metal and non-metal coils. Like the feeder, it is also an indispensable piece of equipment in the production workshop. In order to give you a deeper understanding, the following Kingreal will introduce you to its types and characteristics.

Decoilers can be divided into three categories: light decoilers, heavy-duty decoilers and double-head decoilers. Kingreal has all three of the above for sale. Different types of equipment can be selected according to the weight of the product coil. You can purchase according to your own needs to save costs.

Light uncoiler: suitable for lighter materials, narrower, small internal and external diameter of the coil stamping process, by virtue of its small size, simple structure, easy to install, smooth operation, affordable price and other characteristics of the small processing enterprises by the favour, but also to make it become the most used uncoiler.


Heavy-duty uncoiler: suitable for heavier materials, wider, larger inner and outer diameter coil stamping process, with a large load capacity, applicable specifications, etc., but also according to the needs of the installation of pressure arms, the choice of hydraulic expansion, hydraulic pallet into the material, the motor adopts a speed control, and other special devices, to meet the needs of the heavier processing. Heavy-duty uncoiler is one of KINGREAL’s featured uncoiler. KINGREAL heavy-duty decoiler adopts modern electrical control system. The built-in safety protection logic protects the operator‘s safety to the greatest extent. The sturdy mechanical design also ensures stable unwinding performance.

Double-head uncoiler: It adopts symmetrical design on both sides, and each material frame is controlled by a separate electric control box. The double-head uncoiler effectively saves the time of material changing and greatly improves the production efficiency. Can be used together with straightening machine, can also be added with motor and electronic control into a powered material frame, hand expansion and hydraulic expansion of two kinds of expansion, such as coil material is narrower, you can set the left and right shift type. This machine is suitable for fast punching speed of punching products production line. Not only uncoiler, Kingreal also provide complete perforation line, which can make your production smooth and easily.


The uncoiler is not only suitable for feeding various coil materials, but can also be used as a rewinder, and can switch between feeding and rewinding at any time. 

The decoiler is only one part of Kingreal’s products. If you want to know more product details, you can log on to our official website to view it. If you have any equipment or technical questions, you can also contact us at any time.
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