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Why NC Servo Feeder is Popular in The Market?

As the backbone of automated stamping production lines, NC servo feeders are popular for several main reasons: high feeding accuracy, large feeding steps, high degree of automation, easy debugging, low failure rate, and simple maintenance. Its advantages can be reflected in the operation and parameter setting. It uses touch screen point control settings. The feeding step distance, feeding speed, and number of feeding sections can be input and set on the touch screen. All other function keys are concentrated on the control panel, which is simple. Obviously, the electric control box is also equipped with a control handle for easy debugging and is extremely convenient to use.

When the servo feeder is running, when the preset feeding parameters are reached, the punch press sends a feeding signal to the feeder, and the feeder PLC controls the operation of the servo motor. The servo motor drives the lower roller to rotate through the synchronous pulley, and the lower roller drives the upper roller through the gear. Complete The feeder feeds materials step by step; when the preset relaxation time is reached, the punch press sends a relaxation signal to the feeder, and the relaxation cylinder jacks up the upper roller, causing the upper roller to separate from the material and achieve complete relaxation. KINGREAL adopts high industry standards and is equipped with imported servo motor and imported electronic control components enable the servo feeding machine to handle various materials with high stability and high product quality.

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Its feeding step, multi-stage feeding has also become an important factor in the choice of various enterprises, NC servo feeding step can be from 0-9999.99mm, which is any other type of press feeder can not be compared, multi-stage feeding function can be in the replacement of different moulds, different stamping process, you can still continue to use the original feeder, just simply adjust the NC servo feeder feeding height can be! The NC servo feeder can meet the diversified production needs of customers and realise the multi-purpose of one machine.

Low failure rate and easy maintenance are the key points that customers particularly value. Our feeder rollers are made of imported bearing steel, which are heat-treated, plated with hard chromium and then finely ground. They have high hardness and excellent wear resistance. The main electrical components and buttons are all made from Japan. Imported with original packaging to ensure trouble-free long-term high-intensity use. When a fault occurs during use, the fault location will be displayed on the control panel, allowing personnel to learn the cause within a short time and solve it in time, ensuring that it can be repaired in time for normal production, improving production efficiency, and avoiding unnecessary losses caused by shutdowns due to faults. NC servo feeders are used in many production lines of Kingreal, including metal ceiling production line, punching line, coil slitting line , cut to length line and multiple roll forming machine line. If you have any component requirement, do not hesitate to contact us!

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