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Video About Slitting Machine Workshop:

Do you want to check the quality of the machine  by yourself?

Since 2019, the global COVID-19 has continued to spread. Travel abroad is restricted, resulting in the inability of customers to inspect the quality of machines by themselves, also disabling in-factory installation for machines.

Do you want manufacturers to improve local installation services?

Heavy machines are a big project both in transportation and installation, such as coil slitting line and cut-to-length line machine. Many manufacturers are unable to install because there are no local engineers.
Do you want real-time after-sales service?

During the operation of the machine, some common problems will inevitably occur. At this time, professional engineers are required to answer

-----------------------------------Who Are We?-----------------------------

Kingreal Machinery is a professional sheet metal processing machines manufacturer and supplier.We offer full automatic and high speed solutions mainly including roll forming machines, metal ceiling tile machines, metal perforation line, coil slitting lines, cut-to-length line etc.

-----------------------------------What We Can Do?---------------------------

 With modern industrial concept and excellent automation technology, we have a professional and passionate team who are experts in high speed metal coil slitting line, metal sheet fixed length cutting line, combined slitting and fixed length cutting line, metal tile punching line, two-in-one combination of uncoiler and straightener, three-in-one combination of uncoiler, straightener and servo feeder, etc.

 Our goal is to be the technology pioneer and market leader in the metal machinery industry, to produce practical and efficient world-class products, to insist on innovation, to build our brand and to be the best manufacturer in China.

 All our machines meet the most stringent quality checks.

------------------------------How To Ensure Quality?-------------------------

 Products are operated in strict accordance with the quality management system from production order to assembly and delivery, and strict quality control to fully meet the needs of our customers to ensure our products provide years of trouble-free operation for our customers. Based on the concept of customer first, we always put our customers first.

 Relying on our rich experience in machinery manufacturing, the famous COPRA design software and strong design capability, we have successfully produced and delivered more than 150 machines per year worldwide.

 As a result, Guangzhou Jinruil Machinery Co., Ltd. has been widely recognized by customers both at home and abroad.

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