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What is a Metal Punch Press Machine Feeder?

Metal punch press machine feeder is the conveying equipment used when punching products. It is used as an automated equipment to convey product materials to the punch for stamping. It is suitable for conveying strips, coils, sheet materials and other products. Compared with the traditional single stamping method of manual feeding, the feeder really realises the fully automated continuous feeding stamping production, and the production personnel can start the whole process without supervision and intervention, which brings great convenience to the stamping industry. Kingreal can provide complete blanking line solution, which is combined metal punching machine and feeder, make your stamping production easier.

Nowadays, metal punch press machine feeder has been widely used in home appliances, automobiles, hardware, electronics and many other fields. More and more manufacturers use mechanical automation feeding.

coil feeding equipment

In response to the demand of the stamping market, many different types of feeders have been derived, which can be roughly divided into multiple types of feeding models such as NC servo feeders, two-in-one feeders, and three-in-one servo feeders. All the above machines can be provided by KINGREAL. Although the structures of various types of products are different, the feeding principles and functions are roughly the same. According to the blanking lline used, the most suitable feeder can be used to more accurately and efficiently transport materials to the punch machine for stamping production.

The application of the perforated punching machine feeder makes the company‘s production more efficient, higher quality, and safer. Its highest accuracy is around ±0.01mm, which can avoid the accumulation of feeding errors and avoid the waste of materials.

From one person to operate a machine to one person to operate a number of machines, significantly reduce the cost of personnel and time required by the enterprise, while significantly improving safety, and fundamentally solve the problem of the burden of personnel costs are too large, and at the same time avoid to the maximum extent possible due to human error caused by machine injury events, for the enterprise to bring greater benefits, which is particularly important for small and medium-sized enterprises.

nc servo feeder
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