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Advantages of three-in-one Feeder

1. 3 in 1 feeding machine has the advantage of easy operation. Because the feeder is a set of material frame, leveling machine and feeder three machines as one of the automatic feeding device, the whole equipment control knobs, switches and so on are concentrated in the console, the staff do not have to go back and forth to control the whole situation.

2. Three-in-one feeding machine has the advantage of easy installation, according to the different needs of the three-in-one feeding machine is usually divided into three parts, the connection of the three parts is very simple and fast, with screws can be fixed, greatly reducing the time spent on installation, quickly into production, after the completion of the installation of the three-in-one body size is also smaller, greatly saving the plant occupies an area, so that the plant can accommodate more equipment to reduce the cost of rental of the plant to maximize the benefits.

3. The 3-in-1 feeding machine has a wide range of applications. It can process thick plate and high strength metal thick plate material, applicable to all kinds of metal sheet feeding and correction. For example, Kingreal Thick Plate-Decoiler Straightener Feeder is designed with a thickness of 0.6-6mm for professional coiled steel materials.

4. 3 in 1 feeding machine has the advantage of high precision. By a single material frame, servo machine, feeding machine composed of split stamping production line, is completely separate from the three devices, each device exists between the waiting area, and this makes even to each device are loaded with frequency converter, its operation, with can not be completely synchronized, and ultimately more or less will affect the servo, feeding accuracy. The three-in-one feeding machine will be material frame, servo, feeding integrated into a machine, so that the machine with the realization of the complete synchronization, PLC closed-loop system control, really ensure the servo feeding accuracy. The feeding and returning speed of KIGNREAL NC servo drive can reach 0-22 M / min, which can ensure the speed and accuracy of the production.

5. The failure rate of 3-in-1 feeding machine is extremely low. It adopts imported core components, with perfect lubrication system, comes with self-test program. Three-in-one feeding machine overall core components are used in Germany, Japan original imported parts, such as Japan Yaskawa servo motors and drives, Mitsubishi PLC, Omron photoelectricity, Schneider‘s circuit breakers, Japan NSK bearings, etc., at the same time, a perfect lubrication system with self-test program, so that the whole machine wear and tear is very small, the failure rate is very low, maintenance is very simple. 
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