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Benefits of Using 3 in 1 Feeder for Enterprises

The three-in-one servo feeder is a fully automated feeding equipment that combines the functions of a material decoiler, a material leveler, and a servo feeder. It has been widely used in home appliances, automobiles, hardware, electronics, aerospace, etc. since it was introduced to the market. field, greatly helping enterprises achieve fully automated production.

Benefits of using 3 in 1 servo feeder:
1.The overall design is compact, greatly reducing the land area of the enterprise, than the split production line to reduce the space by nearly half, to save the cost of land for the enterprise.

2.Applicable to a variety of different thicknesses, lengths of metal materials feeding processing, according to the needs of the selection of the appropriate model can be realised when a multi-table with a great reduction in business investment, can purchase more equipment. To meet different thicknesses of feeder material, kingreal can provide thick plate, middle plate and thin plate 3 in 1 servo feeder, which can meet your different production needs.

3.Three kinds of functions in one, no need to wait for the material area, the transition between the functions is smoother, the required feeding time is shorter, to save a lot of time to the enterprise, improve production efficiency.

uncoiler straightener and feeder machine

4.Loading, opening, feeding, discharging process are operated through the handle, in and out of the material quickly and accurately, the process to avoid direct contact between the operator and the material and mechanical parts, greatly reducing the risk of safety, to avoid the occurrence of accidents.

5. The functions of the equipment are concentrated in the operating table and operating handle, in the parameter setting can enter the fully automatic production, in order to facilitate the operation of personnel, the company also equipped with a special three-in-one feeding machine wireless operating handle, can be manipulated from a distance, a person can look after more than one piece of equipment for production, reducing labour costs.

6.3 in 1 feeding machine uncoiling smooth, levelling effect is excellent, levelling the material smooth without indentation, feeding part of the high precision, no runout, no error, the three-in-one feeding machine produced by the product yield rate is very high, greatly reducing business losses.

7. The daily maintenance of three-in-one servo feeder is simple, low maintenance costs, regular maintenance helps equipment long-term stable operation, not after professional training personnel can easily get started, reduce the maintenance threshold, reduce the cost of enterprise training personnel.

decoiler straightener feeder

The use of three-in-one servo feeder has many benefits, the above points are only a small part of it, Kingreal in order to meet the market demand for the development of diverse types of standard three in one feeder to the market, the product in the industry has been unanimously praised. If you want to improve your productivity, please do not hesitate to contact us!
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