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Coil Slitting Line

Heavy Gauge Precision Slitting Line Machine

KINGREAL provide whole coil production line, such as heavy gauge precision slitting machine.

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     Heavy Gauge Slitting Line Description:

    KINGREAL design Heavy Gauge Slitting Machine for slitting the heavy gauge material to narrow strip and rewinding to coil.

    We manufacture top quality Slitting Machines for the converting industry. In processing, slitting is the process of cutting large rolls of material into narrower rolls.  Large rolls are often referred to as master rolls or master rolls. A slitter is a machine that converts a master roll into one or more narrower rolls.

    For economic reasons, master rolls are usually made as large as possible. When the size of these master rolls does not meet your requirements. The slitter can reduce their width or even reduce their yardage to fit your process.

    coil slitting line machine will reduce your labor costs with our high tech automation system. Your production and product quality will improve with burr-free and precision cuts. 

    Our experienced project team will design your slitting line to suit your needs, including line automation.

      Our production range includes:

    Light gauges slitting line

    Medium gauges slitting line

    - Heavy gauges slitting line

    - Coil packing lines

    Reference data:

    Model No.

    RS 3.0-12.0

    RS 4.0-16.0

    RS 6.0-20.0

    Coil Material

    CR Coils , HR Coils, S.S Steel Coils, GI Coils, AL Coils, Copper Coils  Picking Oil Coils

    Coil Thickness




    Line Speed




    Coil Weight




    Coil I.D




    Coil O.D




    Strip Width




    Number of Strip




    Slitting Accuracy




    Blade shaft




    Electrical Control System

    PLC Automatic control

    PLC Automatic control

    PLC Automatic control

     Our slitting lines can handle different materials, such as

    1. Cold rolled or hot rolled steel

    2. Galvanized steel, pre-painted

    3. High strength steel

    4. Stainless steel

    5. Aluminum

    6. Copper

    7. Zinc

    8. Alloy

    We pay close attention to the functionality and practicality of our equipment in order to minimize line setup time.

    Flexible coil storage

    Automatic coil loading

    Automatic threading machine

    High precision round shears

    Automatic tool change

    Edge trimmer

    Deburring roller

    Automatic circulation control

    Double loop system

    Mobile Tension

    Straightening Tensioner-Flatteners

    Off-line strapping system


      Features Of Heavy Gauge Slitting Machine:

    1) High-speed cantilever uncoiling mechanism, using the ground to uncoil, reducing the pain of digging a pit.

    2) The use of spacer type round shear, in this round shear can also be installed in the locking type blade, for dual-use round shear.

    3)Adopt our newly developed double-edged cutting head device, which is small in size and fast in cutting speed.

    4)Adopting air bag type pressing to ensure the tension to keep the balanced tension in different thickness.

    5)Adopt our new patented technology taper tension anti-scratch tension mechanism control system, which solves the problem of tension scratches and winding characteristics.

    6)Adopt the horizontal drive winding mechanism newly developed by our technical team, which solves the problem of gear lubrication of winding mechanism.



    1. How do you do quality assurance?

    We have a dedicated team to do strict QA, every machine, part and dimension will be inspected and tested to make sure it is within the tolerance.

    2. Why should I choose you, and what makes you different from other Chinese suppliers?

    We have specialized in this industry for over 20 years, especially in roll forming machines.

    Our machine lines are exported directly to Russia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and many other countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America.

    3. How can we guarantee the quality?

    We always test and adjust our machines before shipment; if needed, we also send samples of our machine production to our customers for confirmation.

    4. What can you buy from us?

    Various types of roll forming machines, such as roof tile roll forming machine, sand steel purlin roll forming machine, double roll forming machine, bolt and rail roll forming machine, floor roll forming machine, etc.

    5. Is the machine automatic?

    Yes, it can be manual and automatic

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