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Coil Slitting Line

High Precision Silicon Steel Sheet Slitting Line Machine

Controlled by the electrical control system -- the key to improving precision

Adopt imported servo motor -- low failure rate and long life

The feed length can be set at any length -- high production flexibility

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     Description Of Coil Slitter

    A silicon steel coil slitter
    is a production and processing machine that cuts rolls of silicon steel strip into a certain width and then rolls them into coils under a certain coiling tension. Cutting, slotting and stacking are a complex series of production processes.

    In addition to this, the process requires fast start-stop action and a safe process without causing any harm to the fine materials used, such as silicon metal sheets with dimensions from 0.18 to 0.5 mm.

    slitting machine

    For an impeccable stack cutting process without damaging the sheet, the silicon steel slitting line is the best machine. It is designed to make the slitting process of silicon steel or CRGO coils easy and fast. The machine is designed to be used as an important equipment for transformer manufacturing and other related electrical industries.
    The machine is equipped with durable electric rotating scissors to cut steel plates precisely into pre-cut sheets. It can easily manage 120 meters of coils per minute with an accurate measurement of 0.1 mm.

    Features Of Silicon Steel Coil Slitter:

    1. Inverter speed control unwinders

    2. Automatic tracking system control

    3. High precision shearing device with
    high shearing accuracy

    4. Optimized shear design ensures longitudinal shearing process

    5. Minimal burr and sickle bending

    6. Equipped with hydraulic loading dolly for easy loading and unloading

    sheet metal slitter

    Main Process of Coil Slitting Machine

    On the roll → unwind → clip shear → rewind → guide → slit → rewind edge material → rewind → tension → rewind → unload small roll → packaging

    roll slitter

     Main components Detail

    1. The loading table can be pre-packed with multiple rolls to improve the working efficiency.
    2. This slitting line uncoiling unit adopts hydraulic collapsible roller, no harm to the bottom layer of material. It can be stretch uncoiling or manual unloading, effectively prevent the material from deflection and scratching.

    1. The slitting head mandrel is fixed in the eccentric sleeve. If the blade is just polished, the slitting angle remains the same.
    2. The slitting line has two slitting heads. While one is running online, the other can be set up for equipment, which can greatly eliminate production downtime.
    3. Hydraulic lock nut is used for higher accuracy of blade positioning.
    slitting machine
    slitter rewinder machine Tensioning.
    1. The tensioning unit is equipped with two pre-separation devices. The separation axis can be removed laterally for faster spacer switching. 2.
    2. With frictional tensioning table. Adjustable tension can be provided by hydraulic or pneumatic. 3.
    3. Our slitting lines can also be equipped with a roller type tightener, which is suitable for materials with coated surfaces, as it does not damage the coated surface.

    Winding machines.
    1. The slitting line can be equipped with a seamless hydraulic retractable winder, which does not damage the material substrate.
    2. The clamping device has stress-reducing characteristics. For different thickness of the sheet, the roundness of the reel remains the same.
    3. Coiling is firm, dense and neat.

     Advantages of Metal Slitter

    1. High cutting quality

    2. High material utilization rate

    3. Stepless cutting speed regulation

    slitting line


    1. How can I get a quote for the coil slitting line?
    If you want to order this machine, please contact me by email or phone, please tell us your requirements for
    1.Coil material
    2. Coil thickness
    3. Coil width
    4. Max. coil weight
    5. Max. slitting quantity
    6.Min. slitting width
    7.Max. slitting width
    Then we can provide the most suitable solution for your machine and will send you a quotation with specifications and price.

    2. What is your after-sales service?
    The warranty period of slitting line is 24 months, if the damaged parts can‘t be repaired, we can send a new replacement for free, but you need to pay the courier cost.
    We provide technical support for the whole life of the equipment.

    3. How to visit your company?
    Please tell us your visiting time, we can pick you up at the station. And help you to check the airport ticket and train ticket.

    4. Packaging and shipping
    We use standard packaging for all our steel coil slitting lines.
    a) Sea freight, land freight, etc.
    b) Please choose your convenient shipping method according to your detailed requirements.
    c) The shipping cost is different according to different seasons, we will choose the best and safest way according to your requirements.

    roll slitting machine

    KINGREAL Technical Team

    KINGREAL is not only  integrating R&D, have our own technical team and factory, but also have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of Coil Slitting Machine. We have successfully customized Coil Slitting Machine lines to meet the needs of customers in many countries. 

    We has established the localized technical support team in Indonesia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Canada, India and etc.. Localized service points in other countries are also in progress.

    coil slitting machine

    After-Sales Services

    Services are always highly considered by us, in addition to establishing a complete remote service system, localized after-sales service is also what we have been insisting on doing. The global localization service point is under construction.

    metal slitter

    Coil Slitting Machine Projects

    slitting line machine

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