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Coil Slitting Line

High Precision Steel Coil Slitting Line

Controlled by the electrical control system -- the key to improving precision

Adopt imported servo motor -- low failure rate and long life

The feed length can be set at any length -- high production flexibility

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     Description of Coil Slitting Machine :

    We are one of the most professional  slitting machine manufacturer in the industry with various line machines such as doule slitter head slitting line, automatic ppgi coil slitting machine and stainless steel slitting machine, etc. Produce customized slitting machines according to different needs of customers

    Coil Slitting Machine: mainly used for slitting production of stainless steel strip/roll, carbon steel strip, copper strip, etc.

    slitting machine

    It is produced by loading trolley, uncoiling, straightening machine, slitting host, shearing machine, buffer pool, rising force station, coiling and other processes. 
    The coil slitter is used for uncoiling, leveling, slitting, flattening and winding of stainless steel, galvanized sheet and cold rolled sheet coils, with high automation and high production efficiency. The whole production line adopts electrical and pneumatic control, with high processing precision.

    sheet metal slitter

    The whole slitting line integrates mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic automatic control, from uncoiling, straightening, slitting, cross-cutting, winding to synchronous control. The whole set of equipment is designed with various over-riding roll conveyors considering the high surface requirements of the processed materials.

    Its surface is treated in such a way that it will not cause indentation, scuffing, scratching, folding and edge biting of the sheet. It is important, as a supplier, to always work in concert with the end customer so that the components, dimensions, tooling, horsepower and tension in the machine are appropriate for the material to be slit.

    Main Process of Slitting Line Machine:

    1. Passage to the coil car

    2. Uncoiler

    3. Slitting

    4. Scraping of the web

    5. tensioning device

    6. Backflushers, etc.

    roll slitter

    Features Of Steel Slitting Line Machine:

    1) High-speed cantilever uncoiling mechanism, using the ground to uncoil, reducing the pain of digging pits.

    2) Adopting a spacer type round shear, on which a locking type blade can also be installed, making it a dual-purpose round shear.

    3) Adopt our newly developed double-edged shear head device, which is small in size and fast in shearing speed.

    4)Adopt the airbag type pressing to ensure to keep the balanced tension in different thickness.

    5)Adopt our new patented technology taper tension anti-scratch tension mechanism control system, which solves the problem of tension scratch and winding characteristics.

    6) Adopting the newly developed horizontal drive winding mechanism by our technical team, which solves the gear lubrication problem of winding mechanism.

    7) This steel coil slitting line is controlled by PLC, featuring high degree of automation, high shearing precision, good slitting quality and wide range of applications.

    slitter rewinder machine


    1. What information do you need before I can make a proposal?
    Pipe diameter, thickness range, application, raw steel grade, coil weight and degree of automation.

    2. If I am just starting a new business, what should I do?
    Contact us immediately. We offer free pre-sales service advisors and we can also help you with raw material (steel coils) procurement, worker training, international market prices, etc.

    3. How do you do quality assurance?
    We have a dedicated team to do strict quality assurance, every machine, every part, every dimension is checked and tested to make sure it is within the tolerance.

    4. Why should I choose you and how are you different from other Chinese suppliers?
    We have more than 20 years of professional experience in this industry, especially in rotomolding machines.
    Our machine lines are exported directly to Russia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and many other countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America.

     KINGREAL Technical Team

    KINGREAL is not only  integrating R&D, have our own technical team and factory, but also have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of Coil Slitting Machine. We have successfully customized Coil Slitting Machine lines to meet the needs of customers in many countries. 

    We has established the localized technical support team in Indonesia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Canada, India and etc.. Localized service points in other countries are also in progress. 

    slitting line

     After-Sales Services

    Services are always highly considered by us, in addition to establishing a complete remote service system, localized after-sales service is also what we have been insisting on doing. The global localization service point is under construction.

    roll slitting machine

     Coil Slitting Machine Projects

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