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Coil Slitting Line

Steel Coil Slitting Line Rewinding Machine

Each of this uncoiler drives the sprocket through the hydraulic motor and the main knot through the sprocket, so that the steel coil rotates with the spindle to achieve the purpose of active uncoiling.
The base and frame of the uncoiler are made of welded structure of torque pipe, which completely guarantee the rigidity of the equipment.

  •  Working Process Of Coil Slitting Machine

    What is an uncoiler?

    The uncoiler is a special equipment for metal plate leveling, the body is welded box-shaped structure, the frequency-controlled motor drives the reel shaft through the gear box after deceleration to provide the main power for the uncoiler.

    coil slitting decoiler machine

    Unwinder‘s functional characteristics

    The uncoiler is arranged at the front of the entrance part of the continuous rewind unit, corresponding to the № 1 and № 2 steel coil trolleys respectively.  One of the roles of the uncoiler of the continuous rewind unit is to uncoil the strip under the maintenance of the post-tension, and another significant role is to achieve automatic alignment of the strip under its central control (CPC). 

    Shougang continuous annealing unit is equipped with 2 uncoilers, as the two uncoilers alternate for uncoiling, creating a prerequisite for the continuous production of the subsequent equipment of the unit. The strip tension in the entrance section is established by the uncoiler together with the № 1 tension roller group of the unit.

    slitter blade

    1) Each of this uncoiler drives the sprocket through the hydraulic motor, and drives the main knot through the sprocket, so that the steel coil rotates with the spindle.

    2) To achieve the purpose of active uncoiling. The base and frame of the uncoiler are made of welded structure of rectangular tube, which completely guarantee the rigidity of the equipment.

    3) Reel: four pieces of nesting (set of shoes), providing 508 and 610 two sizes, when 508 steel coil switch to 610 bore steel coil, in the original uncoiler to add four circular arc plate, automatic bracing constant tension control.

    4) Auxiliary support: In the polyurethane continuous line production, to minimize the docking of steel plates, so the load requirements of the uncoiler is high, while in order to cantilever the uncoiling spindle end sagging, to prevent the steel coil runaway, the machine uses an additional form of auxiliary support to ensure that it can withstand 10 tons of steel coil spindle will not be deformed.

    The auxiliary support of this uncoiler adopts fast hinge type, which is very convenient to operate, in order to achieve fast chasing plate head and tail docking execution without stopping production. In order to meet the rapid switching of steel plates in the small volume state, this machine adopts V-block auxiliary clamping to reduce the stroke of the cylinder to perform rapid volume change to achieve non-stop production. 
    All the above measures ensure that the time to replace the steel coil can be completed within 45 seconds. 

    5) Transmission system: forward and reverse rotation to achieve the receipt and discharge, uncoiling movement axis driven by motor and reducer to achieve the active uncoiling of the steel plate, can also be used for the recovery of the completed plate; active uncoiling, can maintain and production speed synchronization, and there is ultrasonic detection control uncoiling speed to track the host speed, the whole frequency control. 

    6) Center adjustment device: center line prevails, 75mm on each side, plus scale and stop. The center line of the coil is in the center of the whole production line. There is a clear sign ruler display. The adjustment of uncoiler roll material center is realized by hydraulic cylinder, which is easy to adjust and simple to operate. 

    7) Pressing mechanism is through the cylinder swing pressing material arm. When the cylinder rises, the pressing arm is loosened; when the cylinder falls, the pressing arm is pressed. When actively uncoiling, the press material arm shall press the steel coil. 

    8) Lifting cart: lifting cart is realized by oil motor to travel along the rail. Lifting mechanism is by hydraulic cylinder through the linkage with lifting platform, complete the up and down material action. Lifting platform and walking platform adopt mixed welded structure of rectangular tube and steel plate, with beautiful appearance.

     Uncoiler operating procedures:

    1. The loading operation should be carried out by a person with the forklift driver, so that the steel coil material and expansion and contraction reel shaft center basic consistency, and then the forklift driver slowly put the steel coil material on the trolley.
    2. The operator to rise or fall (hydraulic jack), the steel coil material adjusted to the expansion and contraction reel shaft center (ie: the material can go into the expansion and contraction shaft), at this time to adjust the top of the uncoiler activity bearing seat, so that it is maintained at the same level with the uncoiler.
    3. Adjust the expansion nut to make four bow-shaped plate, expansion of steel coil material, to avoid deformation and damage to the steel coil material during work.
    4. When the steel coil material expansion after tightening, hand rotation uncoiler, observe whether the material rotation freely, to avoid all kinds of hidden problems in the work.

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