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Combine Slitting and Cut to Length Line

Combined Slitting and Cut To Length line

In order to meet the needs of customers, KINGREAL has designed a combination of slitting and shearing lines, which is a complex multi-functional composite shearing production line. 

  • Description of Combined Slitting And Cut To Length production Line:

    In order to meet the needs of customers, KINGREAL has designed a combination of slitting and shearing lines, which is a complex multi-functional composite shearing production line.

    It can be slit and rewind, as well as cross-cutting and stacking. This production line combines cross-cutting and longitudinal-cutting lines and is suitable for enterprises and factories using various types of sheet materials.


    It consists of a single device, which can meet the needs of cross-cutting and longitudinal cutting at the same time. Users can switch from one cutting mode to another through automatic changes as well as machine adjustments.

    Consists of cutting format that also includes a slitting head to be able to combine longitudinal and transverse cutting processes in one operation.

    Machine Features:

    1. Combine slitting and shearing into one production line;

    2. Can handle materials from thin to medium thickness;

    3. Automatic coil loading system, leveling by changing cassettes or multiple leveling machines;

    4. In slitting mode, can provide: all kinds of stack, direct drive, flying shear or rotary shear.

    5. In cut to length mode:

    6. Adopt PLC frequency conversion control system, touch screen operation, digital display.

    Applicable Materials:

    The combined slitting and shearing line is widely used in hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, PPGI, stainless steel and silicon steel and other material.


    Technical Parameters:

    Cutting System

    Drive or Rotary Shear


    4-20 cuts

    Coil thickness


    Coil width


    Maximum weight


    Top speed


    Coil inner diameter



    Carbon steel plate σb≤550Mpa, σs≤350Mpa

    The basic equipment of the combined production line:

    - Roll up trolley

    - Decoiler

    - Straightener

    - Slitting machine

    - Production shears

    -Scrap winder

    -Tension unit


    - Stack

    Processing Flow:

    uncoiling (pressing guide + opening machine) → Straightener  slitting → transition → guiding → slitting (waste rolls) → loop storage → pre-separation, damping → winding → packing → unloading → Guiding→Leveling→Sizing (End Plate Feeding)


    1. I am new to this field and do not know enough about the machine to operate it?

    This machine has been installed and tested before delivery. It is very easy to operate.

    Usually, our customers can operate the machine well if they follow the instructions.

    If necessary, we can also send a technician to your factory to repair the machine and train your staff.

    2. What kind of delivery method do you have?

    After we receive the deposit, we will arrange the production. The delivery will be done in about 30 working days.

    3. Can a machine produce only one size?

    Not exactly, it depends on the machine.

    4. What can you do if the machine breaks down?

    Our machines have a 12-month warranty. If the faulty part cannot be repaired, we can send you a new part to replace the faulty one, but you have to pay the courier cost yourself. If the warranty period has expired, we can negotiate a solution and provide technical support for the entire life of the machine.

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