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Reasons for choosing aluminum clip-in tile as ceiling in office

Why is it better to use aluminum clip-in tile than Gypsum Board for office ceiling effect? Because the office is our daily work in the longest stay in a place, in the decoration we have to consider how to make everyone work more efficiently, and office ceiling effect will also directly affect the mood of working in the office. Before decorating, we have to consider whether it is better to use aluminum clip-in panel or gypsum board for office ceiling? Nowadays, most of the project managers or bosses choose to buy aluminum clip-in ceiling tile materials, but some people may also feel that gypsum board ceiling is more affordable. So why is it better to use aluminum clip-in tile than gypsum board for office ceiling effect? Today KINGREAL will compare the two for you.

Reason 1: Practicality
Aluminum clip-in panel ceilings have good moisture-proof, sound-absorbing, oil-proof, fire-proof and flame-retardant properties, as well as the characteristics of lightweight; while the gypsum ceiling is made of gypsum, the interior is relatively soft and will be damaged by impact; from this In terms of office ceilings, aluminum clip-in panel ceilings are more practical and can be used in a variety of different places, such as conference rooms, computer rooms, aisles, etc. Due to the practical characteristics of aluminum clip-in panels and the growing market demand, more and more manufacturers are ordering KINGREAL High Speed Full Automatic Metal Ceiling Production Line to help them achieve efficient production.

Reason 2: Aesthetics
From the point of view of aesthetics, the surface of the engineered aluminum clip-in plank ceiling can be electrostatic spraying, rolling coating, baking paint and other processes, with a nice texture, and the top can also be made into different patterns. Aluminum clip-in plank ceiling belongs to the flat ceiling, the appearance of flat. Gypsum board ceiling because its color is white, can be applied to all kinds of decoration style, and can be designed into different shapes according to the need, very three-dimensional sense. In terms of aesthetics, aluminum clip-in plank and gypsum board have their own merits.

Reason 3: Post maintenance
When we design the office ceiling, we also need to consider the later maintenance of the office ceiling. Now a lot of utility lines are laid in the roof, if the use of gypsum board ceiling, maintenance is more troublesome. During maintenance, the entire gypsum board ceiling needs to be dismantled. The aluminum gusset plate ceiling is very convenient to install and disassemble. Each aluminum clip-in tile can be installed and disassembled separately, which is very convenient for maintenance. Another important piece of information is that aluminum clip-in tile ceilings are environmentally friendly and will not cause secondary pollution.

After reading the above content, I believe you will better understand why more people choose to use aluminum clip-in tile as office ceiling instead of gypsum board.
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