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The Function of Slitter Rewinder Machine

A slitter rewinder is a machine dedicated to cutting a master or parent roll of material to a smaller width in order to process the material in the next steps of a production process. Slitter rewinders can be found in numerous types of manufacturing facilities in numerous types of industries across the globe.

Slitting and rewinder machine is widely used as processing equipment in packaging and printing, food, medicine, beverage and other industries. Specifically, it is mainly used in the following areas:

1.Metal sheet processing: cutting, slitting, and rewinding aluminum foil, copper sheet, steel plate, etc. into sheets or rolls. As a professional manufacturer of Coil Process Equipment in China, KINGREAL can provide a combination production line which includes slitter and rewind machine, save your place and improve the production efficiency. 

2.Paper processing: cutting, slitting and rewinding of large format printing paper into small format rolls or sheets.

3.Plastic film processing: cutting, slitting, rewinding into rolls for stretch film, color printing film, laminated film, etc.

4.Other material processing: cutting, slitting, rewinding of fabrics, tapes, sponges, etc.

The advantages of slitting and rewinding machine are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Improve production efficiency: slitting and rewinding machine can realize rapid cutting, slitting and rewinding of materials, which greatly improves production efficiency.

2. Improve processing quality: slitter rewinder machine adopts advanced control technology, which can accurately control the size of cutting, slitting and rewinding to ensure processing quality. KINGREAL machines not only achieve high precision, but are also characterized by high speeds.

3. Reduce cost: Slitting and rewinding machine can cut, slit and rewind materials on demand according to the production demand, avoiding waste and reducing cost.

4. Strong compatibility: slitter rewinder can adapt to the processing requirements of a variety of materials, with strong compatibility.

To summarize, the slitter rewinder is an excellent processing equipment that can be widely used for material processing in many industries. Its fast, accurate and efficient processing can greatly improve production efficiency, ensure processing quality and reduce costs.
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