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Why the steel industry stands the test of the time?

The wide availability of steel has made it the darling of the word. It is the backbone of everything from modern trim to structural elements to specialty parts for the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, military and infrastructure industries. 
Even landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Grand Arch shine with steel produced by the U.S. steel service industry.


The sustainable development of the steel industry is inseparable from the advantages of steel itself:

Steel can be used in a wide temperature range

High Point

High temperature grade stainless steel can be used up to 2100°F. This makes them useful in furnaces, ovens, boilers, valves and pipes. This also makes them ideal for the aerospace industry.



At low temperatures, many steel grades tend to become brittle after reaching a certain threshold. A typical example is the steel hull of the Titanic, which suffered brittle fracture of the steel bolts.

However, modern steel grades have greatly improved in the low temperature range, and low temperature steels exhibit a toughness of 100 joules at -196 degrees Celsius.

Steel: Ideal for exposure to chemicals and elements


The corrosion resistance of stainless steel allows it to withstand many chemical cleaners. This makes it can ideal surface for many industries that require a high level of hygiene, especially in applications such as kitchens and chemical laboratories.



The stainless steel roof of the Chrysler Building is the pinnacle of Art Deco architecture and has only been cleaned 3 times since it was built in 1930! This is a strong influence on the longevity and anti-corrosion properties of steel against the most damaging natural elements.


The development of the steel industry is inseparable from the processing flow of related machines. Therefore, it has also promoted the development of the machinery industry, such as KINGREAL is the one of the best machinery manufacturers.

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