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Metal Ceiling Tile Production Automation Solution

Auto Notching Bending Manipulator for 60X60CM Metal Ceiling Tile

As a professional ceiling equipment manufacturer in China, KINGREAL can provide customers with completed production solutions, which include Auto Notching & Bending Manipulator Machine.


    KINGREAL Auto Notching & Bending Manipulator Machine also known as a manipulator, is a mechanical device used to manipulate sheet metal. It typically consists of a frame, multiple movable joints and a series of drive systems that can move and rotate in three or more dimensions.

    Application: After bending forming, four mechanical hands quickly pull and spread the sound-absorbing cotton coated with glue to the ceiling. In addition to the fleece gluing process, our mechanical hand are also widely used in our Full Auto Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line, it greatly increased automation of production line. If you are interested in how to efficiently and intelligently produce ceilings, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    1. Multi-degree-of-freedom movement:

    Ceiling manipulators usually consist of multiple movable joints that can move and rotate in multiple directions in order to perform various operations.
    2. High-precision control:

    The manipulator is usually controlled by a computer, which allows for high-precision position control and motion control to ensure the accuracy and stability of the operation.
    3. High adaptability:

    The design and function of manipulators vary depending on the application scenario and can be customized to meet production requirements for a variety of different operational tasks.


    Guangzhou KINGREAL machinery CO., Ltd is established on 1995 and is dedicated on researching, designing, developing, and manufacturing all kinds of high-quality roll forming machines. Combine the technology of punching, bending, welding and other automation technologies, we developed many advanced automatic production lines. 

    Our machinery and production line had been exported to Europe, Middle East, Africa, South Asia, North America, South America, etc. and win good reputation all around the world. KINGREAL warmly welcome old and new customers from all over the world to visit our company and establish business relationships with us. We do believe our mutual cooperation will create a brilliant future.





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