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Metal Ceiling Tile Production Automation Solution

Full Automatic Square Metal Ceiling Bending Forming Line

This 600MM* 600MM High Speed ALuminum Ceiling Tile Production Line is mainly used for the production of different kinds decoration ceiling tiles which is half perforation or full perforation ceiling panels and it adopt automatic material input, first flattening, holes perforation, servo feeding, cutting to length, conveyor, second flatting, corner cutting and full automatic punch forming, automatic output and auto stack system.


    For some irregular ceiling panels, KINGREAL need to use the oil press directly to do the forming. For the 600mm*600mm ceiling panle, usually we use two steps to do the corner punch and the bending machine.

    Our full automatic ceiling tile production line can produce different type of ceiling tile such as 600*600MM clip in ceiling tile, 600*1200MM long aluminum celing tiles, 595*595MM lay in ceiling Boards and etc.


    1. High quality components

    The production line can realize high machining precision, high processing speed, less operators etc. The equipment adopts servo motor by combining programmable PLC processor, some parts of which make use of Panasonic. Also, servo feeding is based on Yaskawa motor and all Schneider electric components.
    2.High precision & High automation

    Under its control, it operates sensitively and discharging material precision can reach ±0.2mm. In the aspect of product precision, it totally replaces traditional manually operation and avoids uncontrollable situation.This high speed false ceiling plate production line is featured with high automation and it can produce the metal ceiling tiles contiously with high speed.


    Beside perforated ceiling tiles, we can also use this machine to produce plain ceiling tiles without perforation. Right now it is seeing a rapid adoption of metal tiles owing to the perfect fit it makes with the very typical conditions. The tropical weather sees huge swing in temperature and humidity, which leaves the traditional material highly vulnerable reducing its life and aesthetic functionality.

    Metal tiles are not impacted at all by these factors and retain their form & functionality under the most adverse situations ensuring a long life. KINGREAL Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line can produce all kinds of the 600mm*600mm ceiling tiles includes Plain Ceiling Tiles are made from galvanized steel or aluminum sheets by precision cutting & moulding them in a single stage process on advanced state-of-the-art precision hydraulic presses.

    There is an option of surface coatings for different functional & aesthetic needs with a choice of two finishes, polyester powder coating and epoxy pre-coating in a range of colours. Specifications Rectangular or Square shape 600mm x 600mm module Thickness: Aluminum: 0.6mm Galvanized Steel: 0.5mm Exposed T Grid System (Lay-in) in 24mm and 15mm T Grids Concealed Grid System (Clip-in)‘V‘ profile

    In order to be able to effectively solve customer needs in the first time, KINGREAL has set up localized service points in many countries and regions, such as India, Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Localized service points in other countries and regions are also in progress.


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