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Metal Perforation Line

High Speed Aluminum Ceiling Perforation Line

The KINGREAL Metal Perforation Production Line is utilized to create various types of perforation panels. Stainless steel, alloy aluminum, and glavanized steel are all acceptable raw materials.

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    Metal Perforation Production Line:                                                                            

    The KINGREAL metal perforation production line is used to make various types of perforation panels. Stainless steel, alloy aluminum, and galvanized steel are all acceptable raw materials.

    Coil or cut steel can be used as the input material. The metal perforation panel‘s primary structure can be customized to meet customer needs. Coil or cut steel pieces can be used as the raw material.

    The uncoiler, servo feeding, gantry press holes punching, and recoiling of the material are the basic steps of the production line. We can also alter the gantry press‘s dies to create various types of perforated panels.

     FINISHED PRODUCTS PICTURE:                                                                                        

    We are able to make items in various sizes for the metal wall cladding panels. Aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel are all acceptable raw materials.


    The non-woven textile is cut, and then glue is sprayed on the ceiling tiles in the fundamental process of the acoustical ceiling panel textile installation machine, which involves manually feeding the ceiling tiles one piece at a time.

    The mechanical hand will then push to attach the cloth to the metal ceiling product‘s back. The stuck metal ceiling tile will then be pushed into the conveyor to position itself for drying. The drying tunnel is roughly 15 meters long, and once the ceiling tiles are dry, they can be packed and sold right away.

    When the market becomes more and more competitive, this production process can reduce labor costs. It will also cut down on drying and cooling time. The excellent quality, high efficacy of our production line has already been demonstrated by its shipment to Dubai, Turkey, and other countries. It is the ideal option for factories that make and supply aluminum ceiling tiles.

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