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Square Suspended Metal Ceiling Tile production line

High Speed Full Automatic Metal Ceiling Perforation Production Line

High Speed Full Automatic Metal Ceiling Perforation Production Line is one of Kingreal‘s best-selling production lines and has been successfully exported to Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, Argentina and other countries. The main features of this production line are high degree of automation, easy operation and high production precision. 

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     Description of Full Automatic Metal False Ceiling Production Line

    KINGREAL Full Auto Suspended Ceiling Tiles Production Line is one of our features product, which is design for specifically designed to automate the production of ceiling products of different sizes, including both lay-in and clip-in types.

    metal ceiling panels

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     Main Components

    ceiling boards
    perforated ceiling tiles
    Precision Leveler
    custom ceiling tiles
    Perforation Press
    stainless steel ceiling tiles
    Notching & Shearing Press Machine
    aluminum ceiling
    2nd Precision Leveler
    paneling for ceiling
    Auto Ceiling Tile Feeder
    steel ceiling panels
    Turn-over Machine
    metal ceilings for homes
    Bending Forming Press
    ceiling tile sizes
    Finished Product


    Machine Features Amount
    Decoiler Hydraulic expansion 1 Unit
    Pre-straightener High-precision 19 Rollers 1 Unit
    125 Tons High-Speed Perforation Press 125Tons, 100-150 SPM, 2-5PCS tiles/min 1 Unit
    NC Servo feeding machine Yaskawa Servo motor, 3.0KW High accuracy 1 Unit
    Hydraulic notching & shearing press 60tons Hydraulic press, High accuracy 1 Unit
    Transmission conveyor Automatic 2 Units
    Precision straightener High-precision 21 Rollers 1 Unit
    Automatic tiles flipping machine For flipping 600*600 tiles 180 degrees 1 Unit
    Automatic feeding mechanical arm For feeding 600*600 tiles to next step production 1 Unit
    Hydraulic bending forming press For bending forming 600*600 tiles 1 Unit
    Electric control system Reliable parts 1 Unit

     Features of Full Automatic Metal Suspended Ceiling Production Line

    1.Diversity of Choice

    Our production line offers you a wide range of choices in various aspects:

    (1)Various tonnage presses are available (125Ton / 160Ton)

    (2)Compatible with different type ceiling (lay-in / clip-in)

    (3)Both aluminum and Gi steel materials is compatible with our production line
    standard ceiling tiles
    ceiling tile tin
    2.High Speed Production Line

    KINGREAL Metal Ceiling Tile Perforation Line is equipped with automated control system, realized the setting and adjustment of production parameters, as well as real-time monitoring and fault diagnosis of the production process.

    This automated control system is improved production efficiency and product quality. Our high speed production line realized: (1)180SPM perforation speed; (2) Production of 5 aluminum plates per minute and 3 iron plates per minute.
    3.Meet Diversity of Production Needs

    Modern architectural design presents a diversified development trend. KINGREAL metal ceiling perforated line can fully cater to this trend. This line is mainly used for processing stainless steel, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy, steel plate, copper plate and other material punching, which can realize different types of punching processing, such as standard punching, special punching, round hole, etc. It can meet the customer‘s individual needs and diversity of production needs.
    perforated ceiling panels

     Other Optional Components

    Acoustic Ceiling Tile Fleece Gluing Machine

    To upgrade the degree of sound absorbing, KINGREAL can provide a acoustic ceiling tile fleece sticking machine for you to gluing the fleece on the back of the metal ceiling panels automatically.
    ceiling tile system
    Metal Sheet Cleaning Degreasing Machine Machine

    KINGREAL metal plate washing and drying machine adopts advanced washing and drying technology, which can quickly and thoroughly clean and dry the metal ceiling plate with high speed and does not harm the metal sheet.

    The oiling section is also optional, oiling of metal sheet can effectively protect its surface from corrosion and oxidation, and it can make the surface of sheet metal easier to clean and prevent dust and dirt from adhering.
    ceiling pads

     What KINGREAL Machine can Produce

    steel ceiling tiles

     Customer Visit

    It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. KINGREAL is warmly welcome customers to visit our factory and communicate with us!

    ceiling tiles for offices

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