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Square Suspended Metal Ceiling Tile production line

Plain Square Metal Ceiling Making Machine

KINGREAL can provide plain ceiling tile production line, also it can produce  ceiling tile without perforation machine, for the plain ceiling tile, usually the raw material is cutted sheet, we will use a material feeder for the production.

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     Description of Plain Metal Ceiling Panel Production Line

    Kingreal Plain Metal Ceiling Panel Production Line is for producing metal ceiling tile without perforated process. The production lilne consists of decoiler straightener feeder and main forming machine.

    If you have a requirement of producing perforated metal ceiling tiles, KINGREAL also can provide perforation press, which can make your production convenient and easily.

    600 ceiling tiles

     Flexible Production Line
    1. Plain ceiling tile:
    Plain metal ceiling panels do not need ther perforation so it is different struture from the perforated ceiling tile.
    After leveling, the metal sheet will go to Notching & Shearing Press Machine directly to do the corner shear and the final forming process. The whole production would be high quality.

    metal lay in ceiling tiles

    2. Perforated ceiling tile:
    KINGREAL can also produce perforated ceiling tile on this production line. Moreover, the peforated ceiling tiles is very popular in Turkey. We had successful customized designed and manufactury the full automatic 300*300mm perforated ceiling tile for our Turkey Customer.

    perforated tiles

     KINGREAL Installation Cases

    ceiling board square ceiling tiles

     Features of Plain Drop Ceiling Production Line

    1.Diversity of Choice

    Our production line offers you a wide range of choices in various aspects:

    (1)Various tonnage presses are available (125Ton / 160Ton)

    (2)Compatible with different type ceiling (lay-in / clip-in)

    (3)Both aluminum and Gi steel materials is compatible with our production line
    perforated metal ceiling
    ceiling tile options 2.High Speed Production Line

    Punching speed:180 SPM;

    Production speed: aluminum panel 1min/5pcs ; iron panel 1min/3pcs)
    3. High quality machine

    With this equipment, it can realize high machining precision, high processing speed, less operators etc. The equipment adopts servo motor by combining programmable PLC processor, some parts of which make use of Panasonic. Also, servo feeding is based on Yaskawa motor and all Schneider electric components.
    lay in ceiling tile

     Detail Parameter of Main Components

    Width of material : <700 mm

    Max. Outer diameter : Φ 1200

    Maximum load : 5 tons

    Speed reducer :
    Cycloid pin
    ceiling square panels
    steel ceiling tiles Leveling Machine

    Width of material :<700 mm

    Thickness of material : 0.3 - 2.2 mm

    Feeding speed : 25m / min

    Electric motor  :
    Three-phase asynchronous motor, 3 KW
    Bending Forming Machine

    Main cylinder pressure force : 100 tons

    Master cylinder stroke : 350 mm

    Lower cylinder pressure force : 20 tons

    Motor power consumption :
    7.5 KW
    drop tile

     What KINGREAL can Provide

    metal ceilings for homes

     Installation Service 

    In order to help our customers to solve machine installation problems, KINGREAL will provide both online and local installation services.

    1. Online installation guide
    -  Photos and videos of machine will be sent
    - Online group will be initiated to discuss together
    - Regular video conference be held to keep communication and contacting

    2.  Local installation
    KINGREAL will arrange engineers to go abroad to install the machine at the customer‘s place to ensure the normal operation of the machine, and will provide all technical guidance. Exact costs to be negotiated.

    ceiling tile system
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