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Square Suspended Metal Ceiling Tile production line

Square Metal Ceiling Making Plant

Kingreal Full Automatic Drop Ceiling Tiles Production Line can produce different types of metal ceiling tiles by changing the punching mold and cutting corner mold. It is characterized by high speed and high accuracy. It has been successfully exported to India, Russia, Italy and other countries.

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     Description of Full Automatic Drop Ceiling Tiles Production Line

    Kingreal Full Automatic Drop Ceiling Tiles Production Line is one of our most distinctive products. It is also one of the production lines that ceiling manufacturers purchase the largest quantity from us.

    Producing suspended ceiling tiles by Kingreal Metal drop ceiling panels production line, the surface of false ceiling tile is flat, the splicing is neat, the thick and thin materials can be adjusted, the equipment process is simple, and the operation is easy.

    ceiling tiles with holes

     Suspended Ceiling Making Machine Installation Cases

    ceiling tiles for kitchens

     Main Components

    Decoiler - Straightener -- Servo Feeder -- Perforation Press -- Notching & Shearing Press Machine -- Bending Forming Press -- Products Stacking System

    ceiling replacement tiles stainless steel ceiling panels clip in ceiling tiles
    Leveling Machine Punching Press Notching & Shearing Press Machine

    Automatic Cleaning Machine -- Fleece Gluing Machine -- Automatic Turn-over Machine -- Automatic Mechanical Arm -- Re-Straightener

    lay in ceiling panels tiles for the ceiling metal panel ceiling system
    Cleaning and Drying Machine Acoustic Ceiling Tile Fleece Sticking Machine Automatic Turn-over Machine

     Advantages of Main Components

    1. Precision straightening machine and 2nd straightening machine
    Kingreal equipped this fully automated ceiling line with two straightening machine. The first one is after the uncoiler, a 21-roller precision leveler machine can highly level the coil before starting the forming operation. The second straightening machine is after corner cutting press. After punching and cutting the corners, the drop ceiling panels tend to bend easily, so the second straightening machine is very important for the quality control of the metal ceiling tile panels.

    Thickness of material : 0.3 - 2.2 mm

    Feeding speed : 25m / min

    Upper rollers : 9
    Lower rollers : 10
    aluminum for ceiling

    2.Perforated Punching Machine
    (1)Various choice:
    ①Able to achieve punching requirements of different shapes and sizes;
    ②Various tonnage presses available(125/160 ton)
    (2)High speed:
    The punching speed of kingreal standard perforated punching machine can up to180 SPM, which can produce aluminum panel 5-6pcs/min, iron panel 4pcs/min.
    If you want to upgrade your production speed, kingreal also can provide a high-end version of punch press, which can speed up to 240 SPM, can produce aluminum panel 6pcs/min and iron panel 6pcs/min.


    Output pressure force : 125 tons

    Punching stroke : 20 mm

    Aperture of holes : Φ 2.5

    Adjustable thickness : 10mm
    drop tile ceilings

    3. Notching And Shearing Press Machine
    The notching and shearing press machine typically consists of a sturdy frame, a hydraulic or mechanical power source, and a cutting head with various cutting tools. The machine adopts four column oil press structure, and equipped a sharp cutting tool, which can be ensured the accurancy.


    Cylinder pressure forcev : 60 tons

    Cylinder stroke 
    200 mm

    Ground clearance of worktable : 850 mm

    Machine size (W, L, H) : 2100 mm x 1100 mm x 2000 mm

    Power consumption : 5.5 KW
    metal tile ceiling system

     Customer Visit

    It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. KINGREAL is warmly welcome customers to visit our factory and communicate with us!

    regular ceiling tiles

     Kingreal in Canton Fair 

    ceiling panels for bathrooms
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