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Different specifications of Steel Sheet Straightener

We manufacture a wide range of straightener-levellers, standard and non standard.
Our straighener-levellers are designed to remove the set out of coil so that the material enters the strip feeder or die set stress free and levelled.

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     Device Description:                    

    Suitable for straightening difference thicker metal sheets.Equipped with Japanese magnetic contactor and electronic components, minimum breakdown.Efficient automatic material feeding equipment, a dramatic increase in productivity is achieved by land up with Uncoiler ( MT-type). Double head Coil cradle (MTD-type) (MTDM-type).

    metal straightening machine

    We manufacture a wide range of straightener-levellers, standard and non standard.Our straighener levellers are designed to remove the set out of coil so that the material enters the strip feeder or die set stress free and levelled. Straightening capacity is full enhanced by back-up rollsThe rack of input and output to assist and support the material.All rolls are made of bearing steel, have all been quenched, hard-chrome plated and grinded with mime HRC60.

    The Steel Sheet Straightener has difference specifications, including 700mm, 1300mm, 1500mm, 1700mm and 2200mm.

      TV Series multi-rolls levers

    TV series multi-rolls levelers are used in steel sheets or strips cold leveling. TV series have a frame structure and the beam can move up and down. The top roll can be adjusted to lean state to making a harmony damply leveling to improving the leveling quality.

    sheet flattening machine

    TV series levelers have highly effective performance and percision and operate easily. They can work separately,or work with other machines to making a production line. They can be widely used in metallurgy,shipbuilding,boiler-making and machinery industries.

     Standard Feature For Straightener:  

    sheet leveler machine

    1. Use with Japanese electromagnetic contactor and electronic part, long operating line and little fault.

    2. Upper roller is for worm gear 4 point micro-adjust device,suitable for high precision products. Roller is SUJ2, heat treatment HRC60,hard chromed plated, wearable and high hardness.

    3. To make sure of high precision, Straightness, out of roundness and concentricity for straightening roller is required.

     Features for Straightener for thick metal sheet: 

    1. Correction wheel use solid bearing steel, high frequency processing, hard chromium plating after grinding, by this machine after correction smooth without indentation, no harm to the surface.

    2. The machine can be used alone, also can be used with MT type, MTD type automatic feed frame together, and result is good.

    3. The machine adopts large cylinder pressure expected, the correction is adjusted by synchronous worm adjustment, turning the handle a circle round the correction only decreased 1mm can make fine adjustment.

    4. High rigid mechanical results, and output. Speed of stable feeding, improve the production efficiency of the equipment, prolong the use fixed number of years

     Technical Reference:








    Max. material width (mm)






    Material thickness (mm)




    Straightening speed (m/min)


    Note: The data above is for your reference only, if any changes without notice.

    coil leveler

     Equipment Advantages:  

    1.lndividual use or working together with MT or DBMT auto uncoiler for better result is possible.

    2. Material pressing adopts the big scale air cylinder; straightening adjusting adopts the synchronous worm wheel and the worm; the straightening top wheel drops 1mm after turning the handle one circle for the precise adjusting.

    3. With high rigidity mechanical structure and big horsepower output, high speed and stable feeding to improve the production efficiency and prolong the equipment life span.

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