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High Speed Cut-To-Length Line Machine

The high-speed cut-to-length line machine is mainly used to turn metal coils of different specifications into flats sheets of required length and width through recoiling, leveling, sizing and cutting.

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    Description of Cut To Length Machine:

    The high-speed CTL production line is mainly used to turn metal coils of different specifications into flats sheets of required length and width through recoiling, leveling, sizing and cutting.

    It is suitable for processing cold-rolled sheet, galvanized sheet, color-coated sheet, stainless steel sheet, silicon steel sheet, aluminum sheet and other metal sheets. Widely used in metal sheet processing industries such as automobiles, containers, home appliances, food, packaging, building materials, etc.

    Equipment will vary based on width, thickness and incoming coil weight. Depending on the final end product used from the cut sheet, flatness can be a critical point, and a dual leveler, ore stretch leveler can be used in the process.

    Flow Chart

    cut to lenghth line

    Feeding trolley → decoiler → feeding device → traction leveling machine → transition bridge → deviation correction device → servo feeding → shearing machine → conveyor belt → blanking → stacking.

    Feature of high speed Cut-To-Length Machine:

    1. The whole machine is designed with reasonable structure, compact shape, high precision, high efficiency, flexible and convenient adjustment.

    2. The frame is welded by steel plate, annealed, and processed by CNC machining center, which ensures high strength and high precision.

    3. The manufacturing process of the whole machine is produced in strict accordance with design specifications of the machine, and the leveling roller material is made of bearing steel GCr15.

    4. The working shaft support of the whole machine adopts heavy-duty bearing, with advanced lubrication system, long service life.

    5. PLC control of the whole line, touch screen display and operation, high degree of automation.

     Advantage Of CTL Line Machine:

    Continuous CTL (free loop mode)

    In this CTL variant, the strip is fed from the main coil and passed through a leveler or leveler. Depending on the thickness and speed of the cut length, the strip is now fed at a constant rate into the circulation pit of the desire depth. At the other end of the cycle, a separate servo feeder measures the material and feeds it into the machine.

    The cut to length shearing machine can be stationary or flying. Continuous CTL is preferred when lighter gauges are cut to lengths typically less than 0.125" thick.

    High speed

    The fly shearing line adopts PLC centralized control to realize high automation, high precision and high efficiency production. This series of fly shearing cuts 150 times per minute and runs at a maximum speed of 80 m/min.

    High precision:

    Using a six-fold multi-roller leveling machine, the sheet is flat without scars; the flying shear is driven by a servo motor, with high shearing precision; double-station stacking, efficient, fast, and friendly human-machine interface.

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