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Swing Beam Shearing For Cut To Length Iine

Machine description:

Cut to length shearing machine is a kind of shearing equipment widely used in machining, which can cut steel plate materials of various thicknesses. 

  • Machine description:

    Cut to length shearing machine is a kind of shearing equipment widely used in machining, which can cut steel plate materials of various thicknesses.

    Commonly used shearing are divided into 3 types: flat shear, rolling shearing and swing follow shearing. The flat shears are used a lot, which commonly used in shear thickness of less than 10mm are mostly mechanical transmissions, and those larger than 10mm are hydraulically driven.

    What are the characteristics and advantages of the swing beam shearing line?

    Performance and Features:

    1. It adopts steel plate welded structure, hydraulic transmission, nitrogen cylinder return, easy operation, reliable performance and beautiful appearance.

    2. There are signs for the adjustment of the cutting edge gap, and the adjustment is light and fast.

    3. It is equipped with a light-to-line lighting device, and can sleeplessly adjust the stroke of the upper tool rest.

    4. The work area adopts the fence type personal safety protection device.

    5. There is a digital device for the size of the back gauge and the number of shears.

    Advantage of swing beam shearing machine for CTL:

    1. Hydraulic transmission, pendulum tool rest, the overall welding of the frame is sturdy and durable, and the return stroke of the accumulator cylinder is stable and fast.

    2. It has the function of adjustment of the stroke. The upper knife has two blades, and the lower knife has four blades. The gap between the upper and lower blades is adjusted by the handle, and the uniformity of the blade gap is easy to adjust.

    3. The protective grille and electrical interlock ensure safe operation.

    4. The press plate of the machine tool adopts an independent hydraulic press, and each press has a plastic foot at the end.

    5. Numerical control system E20 of special shearing machine for back gauge. There is a digital display device for the number of shears.

    6. The rolling support device can not only reduce the frictional resistance, but also ensure that the surface of the work-piece is not scratched.

    7. All-steel welded structure, vibration to eliminate stress, high strength and good rigidity.

    8. Hydraulic upper transmission type, stable and reliable.


    Parts Of Swing Beam Shearing machine:

    1. Cutting Process

    Perfect design in every way: by choosing the new and improved CNC swing follow shears , customers can experience a modern technology with maximum safety, high precision and unique ease of use.

    And the blade gap and cutting length are automatically adjusted according to material selection and thickness.

    2. Pneumatic sheet support system

    Integral panel support system:

    Avoid hanging wide and thin sheets and provide more precise cuts with pneumatic table support.

    3. CNC control unit

    - 7" widescreen TFT color LCD display * Rear/Front instrument controls

    - Panel based enclosure

    - Retract function

    - Cutting angle and gap control

    - Stroke length restrictions

    -Manual movement of all axes

    -Force control

    - Return to sender function

    - 100 program memory programs

    - table support system

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