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How to actually operate the slitting machine?

Generally, when installing knives and insulating sleeves, it is necessary to clean the knives and items first, and then install the knives and install the scissors first.

In the production of the slitting machine management system, the actual operation matters of the unwinding staff are as follows:

1.    Replacing the blanket supporting the force table

2.    According to the thickness adjustment of the hot-roll strip, the working pressure of the hydraulic press of the force table and the standard air pressure of the supporting force table

3.    The centering stations

4.    The rear reaming drill is extended

5.    The wire rope of the coiler. The diameter of the reel is reduced, the push plate returns to the rear limit, the roller is lifted to the upper limit

6.    The movable support point is placed to the lower limit

7.    The unwinding car returns to the actual operation side

8.    The pinch roller extends.

First of all, for a problem, if it is found that the total width of the cut strips is different, it is likely that the cutting tool on the spiral bevel gear of the slitting machine is not tightened, so it is required to stop the operation to rectify the machinery and equipment, check the cutting tool, adjust after it is finished, tighten it again, and it can be cut into strips of qualified width.


Secondly, if it is found that the burr of the strip cut by the slitting machine equipment exceeds the standard, it is required to think from two levels.

One is that the burr of the strip exceeds the standard after rolling and shearing. The key reasons include:

1.    The knife edge is not sharp, and the burr on the strip is mainly continuous. The knife edge is defective, and the situation is mainly the intermittent flash point of the burr on the strip. At this time, the tool should be toughened again.

2.    When the tool has a large space or overlap, the burr on the strip is mainly continuous and has a small opening. In such cases, the machine should be shut down for inspection, and the tool space should be adjusted again.

During the working process of the laminating and slitting machine equipment, the cylindricity of the cutter shaft and the vibration of the inner hole will be within 5 microns. The standard of cutting raw materials is :0.25mm thick and 40mm wide, T2 oxygen-free copper Brinell hardness 110. Regularly distribute 3 narrow strips with a width of 12mm. After production, it is found that there will always be an amorphous strip wrinkle in the raw material after slitting.

To put is simply, in fact, in the process of laminating and slitting machine equipment, the blanking process is not smooth, and it feels as if it is stuck between the two cutter heads, and then the actual effect of the winder’s tensile force. Forced blanking, thus forming edge wrinkles of the amorphous strip.

Where is the problem after all? From the above specific introduction, the first thing to consider is the strength of the cut raw materials.

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