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Why is the width of the metal slitting machine bad?

The precision of the slitting machine is one of the most important reasons for determining the quality of the machine. Therefore, most consumers will choose high-quality slitting machines to achieve precise slitting effects.

However, many customers have gradually discovered the problem of poor width and size of the slitting machine during running.

Today KINGREAL will answer this question:

1.    During the operation of the metal slitting machine, if there is a problem of lateral swing of the cutter, it will lead to poor size, such as the lateral swing of the cutter and the outer diameter of the cutter are different.

2.    During the production of the metal slitting machine, equipment, due to the problem of transverse warping of the steel plate, the width and dimension were poor. This is because the measurement of the sheared product in the transverse warping state is larger than the set value of the knife.

3.    Due to the production and operation of the metal slitting machine equipment, there are certain coordination errors in the spacer sleeves and knives. Under normal circumstances, the thickness accuracy of spacers, cutter, etc. is 0.005cm.

When the number of pieces is large when matching knives, the cumulative error becomes larger.

4.    It is due to poor tolerance setting. It should be known that the width of the product cut by the metal slitting machine is always slightly lower than the side size of the product with the knife. Therefore, it is necessary to predict the degree of this difference in advance. Refer to when determining the size of the spacer sleeve when the tool is equipped on the product side.

5.    Take into account the shearing method used. In comparison, if the metal slitting machine adopts straight-pull shearing, the tension of the steel coil will increase, the lateral warpage will disappear, the size will also go down.

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