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Brief introduction of coil slitting

In order to better help you understand the basic operation of the slitting machine, KINGREAL has sorted out the basic information, hoping to help you

What does coil slitting do ?

Coil slitting is a process in which a relatively wide main coil is rotated and cut into a narrower coil by a machine.

The coils after passing through the slitting machine are called multi-coils. KINGREAL will be customized according to the different requirements of customers to ensure precision and quality.


What materials can the slitting machine cut?

Coil Slitting can cut coils with material thicknesses ranging from 0.1-25mm.

And the hot rolled, hot rolled pickled oiled, hot rolled black, cold rolled, coated steel (hot-dip galvanized, galvanized and galvanized) all can be slit.

What are the coil slitting processes?

Hydraulic Uncoiler - Feeding Guide - Leveling Device - Slitting Device - Hydraulic Recoiler


If you want to know more about the parts of the slitting machine, please click here to enter our official website


The key to running an efficient precision coil slitting job is part selection and precise setup. KINGREAL uses precision tools and knives to ensure optimal cutting edges, and a computerized automation system to ensure spacing and horizontal tool clearance.


Finally some relevant tips from KINGREAL: The harder the material, the less the slitting knife penetrates. The softer the material, the deeper the tool has to cut before the material cuts/breaks.

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