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Characteristics of different types of aluminum panels

As a leader in building decoration materials, aluminum panel has quickly won praise from a large number of users for its high-quality decoration performance. What are the common types of aluminum panels? What are the advantages? Today KINGREAL will give you a detailed introduction, hoprfully can help you choose the suitable one to create a personalized interior space.

Lay-in ceiling tile: The lay-in ceiling tile contains three parts: the panel system, the ridged carrier system, and the upper light steel carrier system. The lay-in ceiling tile is with a smooth surface, distinct edges and lines. The whole ceiling is regular, graceful,elegant, and open. White ridges make the ceiling surface uniform and integral. The lay-in ceiling tile has many merits, for example, non-combustible, anti-corrosion, damp-proof,and easy to dismantle. As every gusset plate can be installed and dismantled individually, it is very convenient to install, maintain, and clean. The lay-in ceiling tile is is widely used in office buildings, offices, corridors,airports, railway stations, factories, hospitals, clubs,banks,shopping malls, exhibition halls and so on. For ceilings with sound absorption requirements, you can choose to add a layer of sound-absorbing tissue paper or black flame-retardant cotton cloth on the back of the perforated panels to achieve certain sound absorption standards, the Metal Ceiling Acoustic Fleece Sticking Machine  produced by KINGREAL can help you accomplish this step easily.

Fluorocarbon aluminum panel: The outdoor environment is complex, or high temperature, or wind and rain, as well as acid rain and salt spray occur from time to time. Only fluorocarbon aluminum veneer can withstand such harsh weather tests. Before leaving the factory, this veneer has been tested and does not appear to have a powdery paint film on its surface. It has the advantages of good durability and strong corrosion resistance.

Wood grain aluminum panel: more and more people like to use wood decorative style in home and office decoration. The imitation wood color shows a natural decorative atmosphere and gives people a comfortable and relaxing feeling. Wood grain aluminum tile has vivid wood grain, clear and natural texture. It does not fade, crack, peel or deform for a long time under the sun. It has good anti-aging and weather resistance. Widely used in subways, high-speed railway stations, airports, large shopping malls, corridors, leisure places, public health rooms, building facades, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, convention and exhibition centers for internal and external decoration.

Colored aluminum panel: The color of aluminum veneer is not only white, gray and other common colors, but also can be made into yellow, red, and other colors such as wood grain and stone grain. Color aluminum veneer through a variety of processes, the desired pattern color attached to the surface of the aluminum veneer. The variety of colored aluminum tile is conducive to giving full play to the imagination of architects. Multi-color aluminum tile is widely used in outdoor curtain wall, indoor curtain wall, ceiling, cinema, hospital and other places.

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