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Features of Servo Presses

The integrated high-strength casting machine and imported high-precision bearings are used to ensure high long-term accuracy and stability;

2. Three-round guide column slider structure, the slider is more stable up and down without deviation, and the vertical accuracy is stable;

3. The dynamic balance system balances the vibration generated by the crankshaft and the slider during high-speed operation, effectively reduces the noise of the punching machine (quiet operation), effectively controls the stability of the bottom dead center, and greatly increases the life of the punching machine and die;


4. Servo overload protection device, overload automatic emergency shutdown, protect the punching machine and mold, and use it with confidence;

5. Electronic digital display mode height device, with one-key mode adjustment function, the mode adjustment precision is as high as 0.01mm, which is convenient and reliable;

6. The transmission parts of the machine are controlled by centralized control, and the automatic forced lubrication system is designed, which can realize real-time control and self-protection function, so as to ensure the extremely low wear of the punch during high-speed operation.


7. Human-machine interface PLC + servo system + electronic cam + rotary encoder, intuitive, convenient and accurate;

8. The humanized design of the whole machine, electronic monitoring system, can self-diagnose abnormal conditions of the machine: CNC computer, function integrated HIM control, automatic storage of the fault content of the machine base, real-time alarm, and timely troubleshooting;

9. The servo system is integrated with real-time pressure and stroke analysis functions, and supports database storage (module memory is convenient and fast, and machine adjustment and mold change). Support diversified data analysis curves (such as servo position pressure/time position/speed/pressure curve display);

10. Equipped with infrared grating and emergency stop button, which can control the punch to stop at any angle in a very short time;

11. Well-designed electrical circuit design, equipped with 4 signal output ports, can be equipped with various automation equipment for automatic production, reduce labor costs, and improve production efficiency.

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