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The difference between servo punch and ordinary traditional punch

The punch press has also gone through so many years. After continuous improvement and exploration, it has developed from a first-generation mechanical ordinary punch to a third-generation servo punch. Today, I will briefly introduce what is the difference!


1. Speed
The speed of the ordinary punch is slow, and the ordinary punch is only 200 punches per minute, while the servo punch is generally about 3-800 punches.

2. Accuracy

Ordinary punches have no precision. Generally, they are suitable for punching iron, stainless steel, etc., which require very low precision, while servo punches have high precision, and the precision can reach 0.01mm.


3. Price

Ordinary punches are generally very cheap, one between a few thousand and 30,000 yuan, while servo punches are generally between 60,000 and more than 200,000 yuan. One can buy 2-3 ordinary punches, and some even more.

4. Control

Ordinary punches only have simple up and down movements, which can be controlled by hand or foot, while servo punches can be controlled by display screen, numerical control and manual control.

5. Safety

Ordinary punches do not have safety devices and are prone to danger, while servo punches have photoelectric protection devices. As long as the hand enters the protection zone, the machine will automatically stop working.


6. Cost-effective

Ordinary punches are suitable for processing some products with low added value. Generally, automation cannot be realized, only manual work, and the speed is slow.

Servo punch can be automated, saving tens of thousands of labor costs a year.

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