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How To Adjust The Tension Of Automatic Slitting Machine Correctly?

Coil Slitting Machines are specially designed to slit coils of different materials into customer specified sizes. Generally speaking, the design and production of the whole production line is more complicated, and some technical difficulties are encountered in the process of use.

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KINGREAL, as a professional manufacturer in the field of slitting line, will answer your questions about the correct adjustment of the machine tension.

1. Coil slitting machine roller surface treatment is not good, the process design is not reasonable: in the process of slitting material, the roller will slide laterally ( commonly known as left and right wandering), wrinkle (material imbalance) pull), roll down (material is too light too light) thin, too much air into). These problems will directly lead to winding irregularities, producing wavy edges, warped edges, etc.;

2. Excessive rewinding tension : directly lead to finished products into discs, drums, etc.;

3. Mechanical failure of the equipment: such as damage to the drive drum or empty drum bearings, resulting in shaft movement; low precision of dynamic balancing of the drum;

4. Design problems of the tension system: matching problems of the tension system can lead to uncontrollable tension, which leads to this situation;

5. Choice of rewinding form: There are various winding methods. The choice of winding, surface winding, surface winding, surface winding, sliding and other forms according to the different characteristics of the product;

6. Slitting tool selection: scraper cutting, shearing, pressing and rolling and other forms of cutting also depend on different material characteristics. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed if the selection is not correct;

7. Other details: caused by static electricity, equipment operation, raw material characteristics, etc.

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