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How To Install A Metal Slitting Machine?

Metal Slitting Machine brings a lot of convenience to human life. The products are not static, but are constantly innovating with the development of science and technology, so it is important to choose the right product for you.

Therefore, does everyone know that we usually need to install a slitting machine?

1. The slitter is firmly welded to a thick steel plate with a balanced angle for stability in high speed working conditions.

2. The slitter is made of chrome plated steel tubes, each tube is dynamically balanced.

3. Unwinding with 3 inflatable unwinding shaft, unwinding diameter up to 600mm.

4. Winding with 3 inflatable reel and magnetic power tension controller, easy slitting operation, winding diameter up to 600mm;

5. Cutting knives can be used with industrial scalpel blades or flat knives (hobby knife blades) with adjustable knives between 18 [2] mm and 1600 mm;

6. Using imported precision ball screw and slide rail to increase the cutting width in parallel, using imported AC motor adjustment system to steplessly adjust the cutting speed;

7. The spindle and round knife adopt stepless variable speed system, which can be used as high and low speed control and forward and reverse switching control; the electronic speed control system is convenient and simple.

Steel Coil Slitting Machines are usually installed by the above installation methods, which wa can all follow.

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