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How To Correctly Adjust The Tension Of The Coil Slitting Machine

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KINGREAL is a professional manufacturer of coil processing production line equipment in China, with rich experience in production and sales. Can help customers solve production problems.

Regarding how to adjust the tension of the slitting machine, the following is the suggestion provided by KINGREAL:

1. The surface treatment of the drum of the slitting machine is not good, and the process design is unreasonable: during the process of cutting the material, the drum will slide horizontally (commonly known as left and right swimming), wrinkle (unbalanced material pulling), roll off (the material is too light and too Thin, too much air entering). These problems will directly lead to irregular winding, resulting in wavy edges, warped edges, etc.;

2. Excessive winding tension: directly lead to the disc shape, drum shape, etc. of the finished product;

3. Equipment mechanical failure: such as damage to the drive drum or empty drum bearings, causing the shaft to move; the drum dynamic balance accuracy is too low;

4. The design problem of the tension system: the matching problem of the tension system will cause the tension to be uncontrollable, which will lead to this situation;

5. Choice of coiling form: various coiling modes. According to the different characteristics of the product, choose winding, surface winding, surface winding, surface winding, sliding and other forms;

6. Selection of slitting tools: The cutting forms of scraper cutting, shearing, pressing and rolling cutting also depend on different material properties. If incorrectly selected, accuracy cannot be ensured;

7. Other details: caused by problems such as static electricity, equipment operation, and raw material characteristics.

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