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What Are The Cutting Methods Of The Slitting Machine

The coil slitting machine is mainly used for slitting metal materials and can be used for multiple occupations and materials. Of course, depending on the occupation and raw materials, the cutting methods are also different. So what are the slitting methods to operate the slitting machine?

What are the cutting methods of the steel slitting machine?

1. Cut Edge

After the slitting machine is combined with a variety of raw materials, processing trims are produced. By removing the embedded processing trims in the process, products that conform to the processing technology rules are obtained. This kind of cutting method is mostly used in the production and processing of raw materials such as composite bags.

2. Cut Rolls

The slitting machine bundles wide-width waterproof membranes, and cuts the original waterproof membranes into multiple rolls of narrow-sized waterproof membranes according to the high-speed circular knife. This kind of cutting method is mostly used in the manufacture of adhesive products.

3. Sub-volume

According to the rules of winding length and width specifications, the material with large wave diameter of the slitting machine is divided into multi-roll and small-diameter materials. This kind of cutting method is mostly used in the color printing and manufacturing industry of plastic film sheets and packaging bags.

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