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How to operate the slitting machine correctly?

When the slitting machine is in operation, the staff needs to select the appropriate core according to the width and number of slits and install it on the secret medicine of the slitting machine.

Then the roller is pressed against the surface of the take-up roller, which is to better hold the core firmly and firmly. In the future, the wound should be aligned with the seams of each core tube on the secret medicine, so as to facilitate the clamping of the lower knife.

It should be noted that in order to better ensure the adverse effects of slitting, the staff should also pay attention to adjusting the upper knife shaft of the slitting machine. Then there is the threading of the sheet, which should be carried out with reference to the line of the processing technology, and should not be changed at will to prevent adverse effects in the work.

In the future, the device should be connected to the switching power supply, and the speed should be high for about five minutes. During this process, you should pay attention to check whether there is any abnormal problem.

In the case of starting the operation, remember that the speed does not have to be too fast, it should be slow to speed up. When the speed rises to the abnormality, it is reasonable to pay attention to the adverse effects of laser cutting of the slitting machine equipment. Staff should also be careful to keep track of their work. When the work is completed, the staff must immediately close the switching power supply and clear the work spot.

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