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What is the scope of application of the slitting machine?

Slitting machine, also known as coil slitting line, is a name for metal slitting equipment. The slitting machine is used to uncoiling and slitting various metal coils, and then rewinding the slit narrow strips into rolls, which is suitable for longitudinal shearing of metal strips.

What is the scope of application of the slitting machine?

The materials that the slitting machine can be applied to include silicon steel sheets, aluminum strips, copper, stainless steel sheets, galvanized sheets and steel sheet,etc.

The most important application areas can be classified according to the industry:

1. The type of paper used for slitting is a resident product in the current packaging equipment, which is common in the packaging market;

2. Industries that are used for slitting leather, cloth, plastics and films, etc.;

3. Used for slitting metal coils, mainly used in steel processing plants, steel market operators, steel rolling manufacturers, electrical industry, automobiles and stamping parts, etc.

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