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How To Try The Aluminum Slitting Machine Safely?

1. The operator of the slitting machine trial machine is familiar with the workflow, and operate in strict accordance with the workflow, and has the qualification certificate. This also includes the operators own not to leave long hair, with gloves to operate the machine, clothing to the cuffs of the choke (except for loading and unloading knives). All to ensure the safety of the operator in the operation of the slitting machine.

2. Slitter machine the entire production line after the connection line is correct, is to longitudinal shear slitting machine energized, energized after the electric control door shall not be opened at will, and with the hand to touch the electrical file to prevent electric shock injury, and the operator in the operation of the metal slitting machine to concentrate on attention!

3. Slitter shall not hit the control box door at will, the slitter blade and with the body or hand, head, to touch the transmission part. Visual inspection of the operation of the head shall not be too close to the material and rollers. The body shall not lean on any part of the machine. At the same time, the slitter shall not touch the rollers with hands during operation.

4. When the slitter loading trolley is loading the material, pay attention to the power to match and release the fixed position of the material to prevent the material from falling off and smashing the feet. At the same time to ensure that the position of the material in the uncoiler to accurate.

5. When discharging the material, pay attention to the unloading arm pulley to kill, in order to prevent the unloading arm and the winding shaft from disengaging the material falling off the smashing the feet.

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