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Metal Coil Slitting Machine In The Product Requirements Of Attention

Coil Slitting Machine shearing blade thickness size consistent, and after that will meet the requirements of the drawings, after that, we should also pay attention to this blade outside diameter consistent and blade parallelism, coaxiality in line with the requirements of the drawings;

Slitting machine blade edge without bump, wear and other phenomena; spacer thickness size in line with the requirements of the drawings, the spacer parallelism size and other requirements; other dimensions in line with the requirements of the drawings.

coil slitting machine

Whether the steel slitting machine equipment can achieve manual operation:

About the slitting machine, observe whether it can achieve no manual operation, in general, we should also pay attention to this to a large extent can also achieve no manual operation, the use of robot knife change technology, to improve the level of automation of the equipment degree, so that the above purpose can be achieved. The parameters of the longitudinal shearing machine, the main is the specification parameters and technical parameters of these two parts. Therefore, in the equipment configuration, according to the specific parameters, to choose and determine.

Slitting machine is not the use of the blade will have wear and tear:

For slitting machine, this blade itself is actually an important part, and its use in the process of wear and tear, which is actually normal. However, if it is excessive wear and tear, it is not normal. Therefore, in the choice of blades, should choose good quality, so that it can reduce the degree of wear and tear, and at the same time, extend the service life of the blade.

High Quality Slitting Machine on the requirements of the product notes:

KINGREAL slitting machine on the product requirements, should mainly depend on the user requirements, if the user of the product requirements are higher, then correspondingly, in the slitting machine requirements, is higher, and vice versa, which is actually the opposite. So, on this issue, it is not easy to answer. I can only say that if there is a centering system and tension structure on the slitting machine, then the performance of the equipment is very good.

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